Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's Here! ban.do's Holiday 2012 Line!

Happy Tuesday loves! We're about to enter November which means holiday season is right around the corner! If you follow ban.do on Twitter and Instagram, then you saw their sneak peeks of the glittery goodness that was about to come... and now it's finally here! They launched the Fall/Holiday 2012 line today and I've spent most of the morning drooling over it's fabulousness.

These pieces will not only get you into the spirit of the season, but they will add just the pop of sparkle you're looking for. For instance, the Metallic Pom Pom Flower would be the perfect addition to your holiday party dress or go with the Glitter Bow Shoe Clips and add a bit of dazzle to your pumps. Remember the sparkly combs from the Black Label that I heart so dearly? Well, the Drinking With The Stars Comb is a similar and budget friendly option at $55! Actually, I should mention that all the prices are amazing - $25 for those crystal pins or $15 for the Pom Pom Flowers? I know that Santa won't go broke if I add 1 or 2 to my wish list this year.. :)

So go ahead and check out the line for yourself - I guarantee you'll be in sparkle heaven just like me!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Super Rad Pumpkin Carving Stencils

I'm a huge pumpkin carving lover - Growing up it was a big deal in our house. My dad showed my brother & I how to scoop out the seeds, transfer the stencil, then we watched as he carefully took a Michael Myers sized kitchen knife to carve our pumpkin. Ah memories... :)

It's really no surprise that I continue this tradition now - putting on a scary movie, eating some candy and carving away. What is surprising is how late I've waited this year to start. In fact, we don't even have a pumpkin yet! Normally, I love the traditional templates like a mummy, spooky spider or a haunted house. I just think that they're more in the spirit of Halloween. However, I found some super fun and unique stencils that just tickle my fancy. If you're like me and I haven't started yet - maybe one of these options will inspire you to head out to your nearest pumpkin patch!

who wouldn't want a Ryan Gosling pumpkin glowing in their house.. I wouldn't complain about that! :)

Ariel has always been, and will continue to be, my favorite Disney Princess. The Little Mermaid pumpkin stencil would be any little girl's favorite!

I'm a huge Owl fan - this cutesy guy would look so adorable on a front stoop!

When I saw these Dog Carving Templates, I'm not going to lie. I went bananas. Then when I saw they have a Jack Russell option, I went even more bananas. Love, Love, LOVE! See if they have your pet here.

Okay, I couldn't resist a scary Jack Nicholson carving - The Shining's most famous scene on an orange-lit pumpkin? Super Awesome!
images via one, two, three, four, five

Friday, October 26, 2012

2 Ways 2 Wear It - Riding Boots: Guest Post

Don't forget to head over to Lou What Wear to see my guest post on 2 ways your can sport your favorite Riding Boots. Of course it's going to be above 85 degrees here in LA but if you're lucky to experience cooler weather, I hope you give these outfit ideas a try!
Have a great weekend!! :) xo

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Inspiration: A Little Pick Me Up

Lately, I've been feeling a bit un-inspired. I can't seem to enjoy shooting outfits and have been feeling a bit discouraged on this blog. I'm not really sure what's the reason for this out-of-wack funk but I'm hoping a few gorgeous images can shake it.....
There's no use crying over spilled sequins!
I want to put on my fanciest dress, board a plane & just go...

Tons & tons of pink champagne is always a good thing

You're never too old for a pinata when glitter is involved

Whatever woman says she doesn't like flowers... don't listen to her... always buy the flowers

I mean what gal wouldn't love Pink Gold? Maybe I should re-think my wedding rings ;)

Sometimes a gorgeous gown just needs a hot pink cardigan

Words to live by
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First Look: Jessica Biel's Pink Wedding Gown

Well, it seems like we're never going to see photos surface from this wedding, so at least we're getting a full photo spread from Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel's!
In this week's People (hitting stands tomorrow?) there are exclusive photos from the couple's wedding but let's talk about what's really important - The Dress. Her custom made, blush pink, Giambattista Valli wedding gown is front and center on the cover. Now, what do we think?? I need a closer look but you know me and pink... :) I have to admit... I don't hate it.... What about you?
P.S. He's in a custom Tom Ford suit that he helped design. Tom + Justin = Perfection with a capital P.
image via People

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Every Day Hair Care Routine

A few weeks ago, I had a reader request to share my favorite hair care products. And I have to say... I've been through many phases with my locks. But right now is probably the most I have ever truly enjoyed my hair. I've finally embraced that it has a mind of it's own, is slightly messy and is definitely not perfect. In fact, these are all reasons why I now love it!!

First things first, I don't wash my hair every day. I usually wash it every 3-4 days (ummm dry shampoo has become my best friend) My hair is extremely curly, and now colored, which means it can dry out easily. If I shampoo it too often, it starts to feel icky... Now onto my favorite products!

My Hair Care Routine - Wavy Air Dried

1. Ask your hair dresser the best shampoo & conditioner based on your hair type. My hair gal, Ashleigh, recommended Bed Head's Level 3 Resurrection. I'm in love with it - super moisturizing and totally repairs my bleached strands. Also, when you find something you love - try to buy in bulk to receive a discount. I found these 2 huge bottles at Nordstrom Rack and scored them for 25 bucks total!!

2. This is a key element no matter your hair type. DO NOT wrap your hair in a towel. A towel has texture that can pull your strands, breaking them and making it brittle. Instead, wrap your head in an old cotton t-shirt (like your boyfriends white v-neck - clean of course!) This way, the cotton tee soaks up all the excess water without doing any damage.

3. Since my hair is curly and dry, sometimes my scalp gets dry too. Enter the most soothing spray ever: Bumble & Bumble Tonic Lotion. With it's tea-tree oil extract and vitamins it's like a serious thirst quenching cocktail for your mane. You can spray this directly on your strands - but I mostly spray directly on my scalp after "tee-drying" my hair. Ahhhh I can just feel it now :)
4. Moroccan Oil is perfect for dried out tresses. But I've found a fab budget buy if you can't shell out the 50 bucks for the original. I use Organix's Moroccan Argan Oil on the ends of my hair. It keeps them looking healthy and less frayed. Never put it near your roots or on the front pieces, otherwise you'll have oily strands - blech!

5. With my curly ringlets, I am on a constant quest for moisture. Leave in conditioner is a MUST for me. My college roommate introduced me to Redken's Anti-Snap and I've been addicted ever since. It doesn't weigh down my hair yet keep my strands silky soft. I put a small amount on throughout (top and bottom) then comb through my hair completely. De-tangler bonus!

6. This is the one I'm most excited about.. when I say this is the best product I've ever discovered, I'm not kidding... Frederic Fekkai Anti-Fade Top Coat is my hair's lifesaver. I love that I can put it on whether my hair is wet or dry. It says that it helps tame frizz but it does that and so much more - it's seriously the jam. On next day shampoos I can just apply a drop or two on my strands and I have instant bedhead that isn't too bedhead-y (if that makes any sense....)

7. Lastly, I stay away from the hair dryer. Gone are the days of waking up 2 hours before work/meetings and blow drying every. single. strand. I roll the windows down in my car, take a walk outside and just let me hair do it's thing. I couldn't even tell you the last time I plugged in my hair dryer.... Sounds a little crazy but my hair has never looked better or has been healthier. Plus, aren't I saving the environment or something?

The end result is how my hair looks for most of my personal style posts. What you see is what you get - meaning those photos show how truly I wear an outfit, style my hair and do my makeup. Some days I love getting fancy/glam. But most days I just air dry my locks, swipe on some lipstick, wear a fun outfit and go!

So those are my favorite products that I use - What are some of yours?

please note all products mentioned are actually used by me and I was in no way compensated for this post. I just seriously love everything so much! :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Game Day Wear: Seminole Sequins part II

Skirt: Twelve Saturdays (Last seen here in different color)
**use promo code BEDAZZLES for 20% off**
Tank with Gold Foil: Target (recent)
I'm continuing my Game Day Wear series with more love from Twelve Saturdays. Liz was so psyched that you guys loved her stuff she's now offering 20% to BAD readers! Woo-hoo! Thanks Liz!
It seems that striped sequin skirt I wore in the last Game Day post was super popular! So I wanted to show that there's a solid version too. I'm never one to shy away from sequins but I did want to keep this look semi casual. Enter my awesome moto boots and a basic tank. I spotted this gold foil tank at target a few weeks ago and knew it would the perfect FSU option - Garnet & Gold forever!
What are you wearing to celebrate your college team? I want to know! Have you shopped at Twelve Saturdays yet?! Whatcha get?! Share please...!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Outfit Post: A Taste of Fall

Boots: Etienne Aigner via DSW (on MAJOR sale; read below)
Skirt: Missoni for Target
Bag: Vintage Dooney & Burke - thrifted
Neon Hair Bow: c/o Ban.do
Last week we finally experienced a taste of fall. And by a taste I mean, a teeny, tiny, Top-Chef sized amuse bouche that lasted all of 2 days. However, I intended to take full advantage of the crisp weather thinking that maybe if I dressed for fall, it will come.
Remember that deal of a century I posted about? Well here they are...! I spotted these gorgeous Etienne Aigner boots while my mom & I were browsing DSW. Riding boots have been on my wish list for a long time. I wanted to invest in a good pair (i.e. drop some coin) but so far nothing was tugging on my heart strings. Until these caught my eye - in the clearance section no less. I zipped them up, looked in the mirror and it was love at first sight.
I noticed that the top part of the logo flap on each boot was missing a stud, marking these boots as "damaged". Meaning they were 80% off the already marked down price of $129 (retail price was $189) Meaning I got these boots for $25.80. Oh & did I mention I had a gift card so I technically spent $0 at the store? Did I also mention that my Shoe Guy only charged me 10 whole dollars to attach an almost identically colored stud to either side? I think it's pretty safe to say this was the best $10 I ever spent. Told you they were the deal of the century!
Now if only the SoCal temps could stay below 80 degrees so I can enjoy these babies.... If I dress for it... will it come?

the Grant life

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pretty in Pink - Breast Cancer Awareness: Guest Post

October has been and will continue to be a very busy month for me! Today I'm guest posting over on Mandy's blog "In The Fashion Lane" I've gathered some awesome {and budget friendly} products that promise to donate a portion of their proceeds to Breast Cancer foundations. I really hope you'll read it! Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Outfit Post: Harvest Home Benefit

Lace Back Dress: H&M (old)
Shoes: Zara
Earrings: Jewelmint "Jackie O"
Bag: Vintage

Earlier in the week, Billy and I got a wonderful invitation to attend a benefit in honor of The Harvest Home, an amazing non-profit organization here in LA. So last night, we got dressed up and headed over to the gorgeous Casa Del Mar hotel. I was incredibly touched by the testimonies given by the staff and alumnae. Learning about their stories and what The Harvest Home does really got me thinking..
Located in Venice, this large family home hosts pregnant women who need to seek refuge from dangerous or crisis situations they're facing. This group provides not only food and shelter for these moms-to-be/new moms, but they also provide programs that prepare these women to re-gain stability in their life.Whether it's financial, emotional, or spiritual guidance they're seeking, I was really moved to see just how much Harvest Home can make a difference in a woman's life. And during the dinner I was feeling extremely convicted and thought a lot about the goals I set back in January. I'm hoping I can get more involved...
On a side note, I finally had a good hair day... and I did it on my own! Not perfect... but at least it finally didn't look like a 2 year old did my hair... :)
An excuse to dress up and learn about a fabulous charity?! Double Score! Hope you guys have a wonderful Monday!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Game Day Wear: Seminole Sequins

Skirt: Twelve Saturdays (borrowed - P.S. she has more school colors!)
**Use Promo Code: BEDAZZLES for 20% off!!**
Tank: Jansport (old - similar here in grey)
Jacket - Old Navy (old)
Shoes - Sole Society (old)
Nails - Essie "Skirting The Issue"
I'm a HUGE Florida State fan. Massive even. So I'm super pumped to tell you about my new favorite shop that I stumbled upon through a friend.
You see, I have tons of FSU garb - a lot of tiny tanks and white logo tees - mostly picked up from Bill's Bookstore or the Garnet & Gold shop near Doak. I wore them with my jean cutoff shorts/skirts - stuff I really wouldn't mind spilling drinks beer on while tailgating. Now that I'm wiser (ha!) and more sophisticated (double ha!) I've been on the hunt for much cuter pieces. Enter Twelve Saturdays.
Liz is AH-mazing. The name alone of her online store is GENIUS. She's collected tons of stylish and modern "Game Day" wear that will totally up the ante for your Saturday School Pride. Super lovely dresses, sequin skirts, flowered belts - you want it, she's got it. So when she wanted to work with BAD and style some cute Game Day looks I was beyond excited. For this look, I took pieces I already owned to put together an easy, simple and fabulous Seminole outfit. Liz even has this skirt in a few other colors (Okay fine... including Gator orange/blue)
My favorite part about Liz's shop is that she offers her pieces in tons of colors so you're bound to find a matching item for your alma mater or favorite school. You can shop by school and even though it's mostly done by southern options right now, think outside the box! Red can translate to Louisville or Ohio State. Her UK options could also work for Kansas and aren't orange & blue Boise State's colors too? Gold dresses can show your USC pride while Auburn & Illinois have similar colors. You really can't go wrong.

So head over to her site and tell me what you're favorite item is. Also keep up with her on Facebook for the latest and greatest additions. I'm constantly stalking her site because she gets stuff in daily. You won't be sorry! Happy Friday and good luck to your team this weekend (unless you're Boston College!)

Oxblood on a Budget: Guest Post

Happy Friday!! Today you can find me over on Sequins Studs-N-Roses posting for Kellie's "Fall'n For Fall" series. I've found some awesome budget friendly options in the hottest hue right now - Oxblood - so I'd love for you to go check it out! Let me know what you think of my picks! xoxo

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lusting After: Old Navy Hooded Anorak

This Old Navy jacket has just moved up to #1 on my current Must Haves. I guarantee you'll feel the same way and not just about the $49 price tag! The hooded anorak comes in 5 colors (black, emerald, oatmeal, orange and army green) which means options for everyone! The hood is detachable making it easy to take on or off when it's needed. I love the drawstring waist which not only provides a fabulous fit, but also ensures you won't have a shapeless figure. And that's not even my favorite part! There's a removeable insulated vest which keeps your body warm and toasty on cold winter days, and completely take out for mild fall weather. Another nice bonus is that the additional lining isn't super bulky like other insulated pieces can be. Can you believe you get all of this for $49?!
I beelined straight for the Army Green yesterday and tried on an XS. Definitely too tight - especially if you'll be wearing layers underneath. Our store only had XL's so I'll be ordering this one online. Luckily, Old Navy is having a promo right now - $15 off when you spend $75! Use the code ONFALL15 until 10/14. Can't wait to see if you grab it!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Outfit Post: All Black Errrythang

Skirt: H&M (last seen here)
Top: Target (old - very similar style here on sale!)
Shoes: Zara
Bracelet: Banana Republic (old - awesome and affordable option here)
Earrings: Jewelmint "Versaille"
Clutch: Vintage
Lips: Revlon  Matte "Stormy Pink"
Forgive the title, apparently I think I'm a rapper..... and a comedian :) After researching and writing this post about Chevy inspiration, I've had monochromatic schemes on my brain. In particular, I've been obsessing over an all grey ensemble, but I wanted to work with what I already had. (i.e. I have no grey and need some pronto!!)
I never thought to pair this tank with the skirt for a black-on-black look, but I actually think they look great together. Black is slimming so double score! I added on some silver-toned bling to match the studded detail on the skirt. Plus, I think the sparkles brighten up the whole look.
When trying a monochromatic look, stick to colors you're already comfortable with. Since you'll be rocking a lot of it at once, you better like it! My favorite outfits are the bolder ones, like an electric blue tailored suit, but chances are you can go white or black with what's already in your closet. Start there and then if you find yourself falling for the one-color wonder, invest in some brighter colors.
P.S. my summer love for metallic nails is totally carrying over into fall...
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