Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympics trump NYFW????

Note to Olympics: You are fully distracting me from my task at hand! While I was able to keep up with NYFW through online sites, I haven't been focusing on writing any posts because of all the Olympic coverage. I am an Olympic freak and I love love LOVE watching all the sports. However it totally threw me off course so I am going to try to catch up throughout this week with the postings...

On another note - I have the sweetest husband in the world! After blogging about the amazing Peacock Ring from Lulu's - I recieved a little surprise in the mail last week! :) So far I have worn it several times with comments from everyone who saw it! Thanks Lulu's for carrying the cutest stuff! :)

Be on the lookout for more Fashion Week posts!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Dreams That You Dare To Dream: Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 RTW

O.M.G. I don't know one fashion lover that isn't talking about Marc Jacobs RTW collection from last night. It was absolutely positively amazingly gorgeous. (Yes that's a lot of adjectives but I promise it was that and more!) I know I have said how much I love the drama and the production of fashion shows. But never ever underestimate how elegant a "simple" show can be. I watched the full runway show online and I'm not kidding when I say that I had goose bumps throughout the show. Inspired by Dorothy from Wizard of Oz there was an amazing romantic remix to "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and the whole show had a dreamlike quality to it. The walls were literally stapled with cardboard and to open the show MJ himself striped away paper from a huge box to reveal all the models lined up inside. Fur trimmed coats, simple tailored suits and light flowing dresses were the main ideas from the collection. Steering away from his usual bright color palette everything was kept muted and simple with a few sparkles thrown in here and there. Hair and makeup was low key yet sexy. MJ cleverly paired thin socks with pointy heels that were reminiscent of the Wicked Witch and Mary Janes (both flats and heels) that were definitely Dorothy shoes. Very sneaky! Fur trimmed bags rounded out the accessories. All in all, absolutely gorg and extreme fantasy land. Take a look and decide for yourself...

Tell me these aren't just drops of heaven?? :) You can watch the full runway show here. xoxo

images via WWD

Weekend in Fashion

Happy Monday! I feel like the weekend just flew by! I've been trying to watch the Olympic Games and keep up with all that's happening in NYC - it's pretty overwhelming! But let's go on to NYFW.

Lots and lots of great fashion shows happened over the weekend and I am excited to share a few of my favorites with you guys. I love that things can be so crazy in our lives and in our world but the 20 minutes that you spend watching a runway show or even viewing photos of the clothes takes you away to a different place.

Christian Siriano
Ever since Christian Siriano burst onto the fashion scene during Season 4 of Project Runway I fell in love with his designs. He definitely has one of the personalities that is so unique and the creativity that comes out of him is just beyond! Friday Christian showed once again that he is definitely a force in this industry with his Fall/Winter RTW 2010 line. Along with using a color palette of mainly blacks, grays and silvers he added in several pants and suit options that were still extremely feminine. His attention to detail is impeccable and makes the garments look that much more beautiful. The last few looks were fancy frilly dresses which I really don't mind seeing in collections. However several critics were requesting more wearable looks. As for me, I'm all about the drama so bring on the fanciness! Loved it all!

BCBG Max Azria
As one of the first shows on the schedule the BCBG show might have felt a lot of pressure. Even if they did the collection was FAB-U-LOUS! I loved the splashes of color (a little yellow here, a little blue there, how about some silver trim? Don't mind if I do!) and the addition of sparkles. Another amazing part of the BCBG show - every single piece was paired with a lightweight long sleeve t-shirt. Now who doesn't have one of those in their wardrobe right now? Thank you Max Azria for a little functionality!

Diane Von Furstenberg
Diane Von Furstenberg has been dressing women beautifully for 40 years. She's incredible smart, is aware of what works for women and continues to deliver amazing collections season after season. I love that she isn't afraid of color. She's known for using prints that aren't overwhelming loud but keep her looks from being too boring. This year, her Fall/Winter line was inspired by our other half - Men. Of her line and life she said: “I always wanted to live a man’s life in a woman’s body." Oxford booties, menswear blazers and chunky "Granddaddy" sweaters were evidence of comfortable men's style with feminine touches. Plus DVF's headwear is just to die for. I could live in a cold place just to wear those furry caps. Beautiful.

Okay - seriously I could go on forever and this post would be never ending. So I will just add one or two looks from a few other lines that were fantastic.

Jason Wu. Pink Carpet. Beautiful dresses. Enough said.

Landscapes and pictures from the Hubble Telescope inspired Lela Rose for her RTW line. I'd rename these two "Starry Starry Night" and "Water Droplets"

More updates to come - Plus a lot of designers are doing Webcasts - which I am so excited about! View a few of them here. I'd love to hear what your thoughts are! :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP - Fashion Genius

Sadly, Lee McQueen, founder and head designer for Alexander McQueen has died. He really was a remarkable, amazing, creative genius with such an imagination. RIP.

image via WWD

NYFW: The Beginning

New York Fashion Week officially starts today! I so wish that I could attend one of the shows - maybe one day! - but for now I will settle for coverage from a few trusty sites. FW has been held under the Bryant Park tents since 1994 but this year collections will be shown at the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts. And with the recent blizzard covering the East I wonder if that will affect any of the shows. Regardless, I'm really excited to see what trends will be coming through for the Fall/Winter looks and just what these amazing talents are creating. Like I have said before, I know nothing about sewing/designing but I absolutely have such appreciate for people with this amazing ability. To me, these clothing and ideas don't just represent fashion. They're more than that. To me, they are beautiful forms of art. So be on the lookout for updates over the next week regarding the F/W collections.

image via Elle

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

50 Best: This Kiss This Kiss

I've never really been a huge fan of Valentine's Day. It's not that I hate the holiday or am Anti-Valentine's Day but I think I just liked it better in elementary school. You know, when you made Valentine's mailboxes in class, gave cards with pictures from your favorite movie or TV show and there was always lots and lots of candy. Those were the days... :)

But despite my feelings for v-day I will always be a sucker for Hollywood romances. And by that I mean onscreen kisses. I got this month's LA Times Magazine with the Sunday paper and I was pleasantly surprised to see their 50 best this month was 50 Classic Movie Kisses. With the first kiss being from 1896 and number 50 from 2009 it was pretty interesting to see how things have changed over the last 100 plus years with movies in general.

Even though I had seen almost all the movies listed (I'm a huge film fanatic thanks to my father!) I still enjoyed remembering each scene. A few of my favorites were #19 (I think we established I am a Disney freak!), #23, #31 (Ali McGraw is sooo beautiful in this movie!) and of course.... #46! Curious to know what those are? Head over here to list. You can also click on each picture to view a clip of the kiss! Let me know what your favorites are! :) Happy Wednesday! xoxo

image via MSNBC

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Proud as a Peacock

I'm always on the accessories hunt and lately I've been collecting animal jewelry. It reminds me of the 20's and 30's and I like to imagine that my Great Grandparents wore the same kind of thing while they were dancing the night away and sipping Champagne. So far a few of my favorites that I have are an Owl, a Jaguar and two jeweled Elephants. None of them have colored rhinestones so I was really excited when I stumbled across this peacock ring over on LuLu' It would be the perfect addition to a party dress or just a fun accessory for jeans and a tee. After all, Glamour shouldn't just be reserved for a night on the town. :) I'm putting it on my wish list this instantly. For more peacock jewelry check here and here - both of which are House of Harlow and designed by one of my personal fashion inspirations Nicole Richie. xoxo

image via LuLus

Friday, February 5, 2010

Ah Ah Ah... Ah Ah Ah... Ah Ah Ahhhhhhhh....

Disney was 100% a staple in my childhood. I owned every single Disney movie and watched each 1000 times. My parents bought me princess everything (bedspread, clothing, toys, sleeping bags, dolls). I had homemade Belle and Ariel costumes. I could go on and on and on.... I was Disney obsessed. I dreamed of talking to animals, singing songs, wearing glittering gowns and just being a beautiful princess. The truth is I still love Disney to this day. So imagine my excitement when Enchanted came out a few years ago. I was practically bursting with all those childhood memories and I forced my husband's family to go see it for their traditional Thanksgiving movie. They now call me Princess NiNi and you know I really don't mind the nickname all that much :) But I loved the movie! It was so funny, had fantastic music, and of course it wouldn't have been complete without a talking chipmunk. I especially enjoyed all the elements of past Disney stories incorporated into one. Well if you loved it as much as I did, be prepared to watch "True Love's Kiss" happen again!

Disney announced on Wednesday that they have plans to film an Enchanted sequel. While it hasn't been confirmed that all the originals actors will return I can't imagine them not wanting to. Getting paid to dance, sing and make little girls (ok and some big girls too) around the world happy?? I think that's a no brainer.

For a little Friday enjoyment click here for the song inspired by several songs from The Little Mermaid. Nothing like a little calypso/island beat to put you in a good mood. :) Happy Weekend!!! xoxo

image via Movie Studio

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lacey Days

I'm not usually a huge fan of lace. But a customer came into the store wearing this Urban Outfitters tank and I must admit my mind was changed. Pairing it with a light, off the shoulder, oversize tee with the lace peaking out would be so cute. One thing I would remember when wearing lace: keep it simple and you'll look less Madonna circa 1983 (Unless, of course, you're channeling her for inspiration!) Plus at $24 it won't break the bank. What do you think? Are you a lacey kind of gal?

p.s. you can purchase this tank here

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fashion Editorial: Bestie Blues

Missing my girlfriends and dreaming that we could have a photoshoot like this:

How cute are these? Love and miss you my loves! Happy Wednesday... xoxo

images via Fashion Gone Rogue

Monday, February 1, 2010

Red Carpet Fashion: Grammy Awards 2010

I have to admit - I was pretty underwhelmed with the fashion at the Grammys this year. On a night when it's actually ok to take those big risks I felt like a lot of the looks were either just eh, ok or they were absolutely hideous. The show itself was pretty bizarre with a mash-up of musicians performing together. Of course - Lady Gaga delivered with not one, not two but three crazy getups and she had an amazing duet with THE Sir Elton John (I don't care - I loved his bedazzled glasses and earring. I mean it's freaking ELTON JOHN!!) Beyonce had an emotional performance with her own rendition of "You Oughta Know". Taylor Swift practically butchered "Rhiannon" and the highlight of her performance for me was seeing Stevie Nicks, who is in two words - kick ass. And the Black Eyed Peas shut the house down and I think every audience member was on their feet by the end. It was an interesting night - a Grammy night if you will. And I feel like I have to lead with the most interesting fashion choices - Miss Gaga.

Love it or Hate it - The girl has got talent and style. Mr. Armani himself designed each look with Lady Gaga - and he said he was "thrilled" to do it. She's an artist and you can't deny she won't take a risk. And she just radiates confidence so it's kind of hard to not give the credit to her.

Carrie Underwood is always a stunner and usually rocks the glittery dresses. She's really been playing around with different looks this awards season and I love love LOVE this white Georges Chakra gown. I don't always love gowns on the Grammy red carpet (It's the Grammys!) but the silver leather straps make this so playful and she looks absolutely gorgeous! Of course the bride to be had to have a little shimmer and added a Swarovski crystal clutch. Plus her "semi-Rachel" hairstyle and flawless makeup keep her look fun and she is glowing. Love it!

Has Lea Michele finally hit her fashion stride this awards season? Possibly... I am obsessed with this feathered one-shouldered Romona Keveza dress. It's super fun and holy cow check out her gams! Where have her legs been hiding all this time?? Lorraine Schwartz jewels and Brian Atwood pumps round out Lea's absolutely fantastic look. Keep it up!!!

My husband loves two things in this world - pesto and Heidi Klum. I guess I kind of have a girl crush on her myself. This short sparkly Emilio Pucci dress plays up two trends - nude color and shoulders. Seal's wife showed off her fabulous post baby body, sleek hair and these amazing Jimmy Choos. Again, Lorraine Schwartz is always a perfect choice for red carpet jewelry and I am dying over this butterfly ring she rocks on her right hand.

I am kind of surprised by this pick myself. I feel like Miley Cirus always falls into that category where she tries too hard and dresses too mature for her age. She's in that weird place where she's almost an adult but not quite there yet. However her fashion choice on Sunday I thought was spot on. Her short Hervé Léger marbled mini-dress and black gladiator sandals are the perfect mix between rocker and chic. Statement jewelry and her signature long curly locks keep her look youthful and Grammy appropriate. Not an absolute fav but she looked fantastic.

Thoughts on the Grammys? Were you impressed or underwhelmed? Do tell!! xoxo

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