Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First Look: Jessica Biel's Pink Wedding Gown

Well, it seems like we're never going to see photos surface from this wedding, so at least we're getting a full photo spread from Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel's!
In this week's People (hitting stands tomorrow?) there are exclusive photos from the couple's wedding but let's talk about what's really important - The Dress. Her custom made, blush pink, Giambattista Valli wedding gown is front and center on the cover. Now, what do we think?? I need a closer look but you know me and pink... :) I have to admit... I don't hate it.... What about you?
P.S. He's in a custom Tom Ford suit that he helped design. Tom + Justin = Perfection with a capital P.
image via People


  1. HOLY PINK!!! I loooove! I need to pick this issue up!

  2. I'm seriously angry that Blake Lively will not post pictures of her dress. It is not fair to all of us who drool over everything she wears. Also i feel with Justin and Jessica we may have a case of the groom overshadowing the bride. That Tom Ford suit is amazing.


  3. Aww love J.T! I have to admit I was waiting to see him more than Jessica! lol and he did not disappoint!!

  4. Love this couple!!

  5. I say why not (about the dress)? It's not something I would wear but think it really suits her and them as a couple. I love the layers and print.

  6. Haha... I agree with Tarabelle! I want/need/dying to see Blake's dress! JT looks amazing. I want to see more pics of Jess's dress but I don't hate it!. Although when I think of PINK wedding dresses the first person I think of is Gwen. This dress did not invoke emotion like that dress did!

  7. love this photo! can't wait to see the issue!

    xx amy
    Leopard and Lillies

  8. OMG I cant believe they finally wed after what they've gone thru....thanks for this preview!!!


  9. I think I need to see the dress in its entirety to be able to make an informed decision on how I feel about the dress lol. While shes sitting down I have to say I'm not a fan. But glad to be able to see pics of them and their special day.

  10. Ugh. She looks adorable. Why does she have to be so adorable!!! ;)

  11. I loved her dress so so much, I'm obsessed with pink, and this was such a dreamy, fairy-talesque gown! Perfection!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  12. I will chose the longest check out line next time at the grocery, so I can look at the wedding pics! Love her. Gotta admit, though, JT jumping eerily reminds me of Tom Cruise doing the same on Oprah's couch?!
    PS--I am with you on the more previous post... the image of the lady all dressed up about to jet set... the real life, sister.

  13. I go through waves of not being inspired and motivated to work on my blog too, I think it comes with the territory. Love this post!!

    xo Ashley


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