Friday, January 27, 2012

Fashion Editorial: Super Star in January Elle Denmark

Yay! Friday is officially here! I don’t know about you guys but this has seemed like the longest week ever... Plus my computer has been at the repair shop which means I haven’t blogged or pinned ALL WEEK! I think I’m going through serious withdrawals... At least our weather has taken a turn. The past few days we’ve had warm temps and lots of sunshine! I hope this weekend will be spent lying on the beach enjoying the last few days of January. You guys know how much I love Fashion Editorials and with our summer-like weather I thought this would be a perfect one to share. Elle Denmark just ran this gorgeous (and COLORFUL) beauty spread in their January issue. I hope it brightens your day as much as it’s brightened mine! Happy Weekend Lovelies!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Go See This Movie: The Artist

I've been itching to go see The Artist ever since I read all the rave reviews from this past summer's Cannes Film Festival. A silent film, plus instrumental music of course, this black and white picture is a total throwback to Old Hollywood and reminiscent of the way movies used to be made. Complete with dancing, pantomime and title cards, I was instantly drawn to this mixed modern and vintage idea. Plus when I found out it was a French film, set in the 20's and had a Jack Russell, I was sold. But my husband on the other hand decided he didn't want to see it - "just rent it on Netflix" he said. That was until the Golden Globes came around and The Artist started winning everything. Then he was all "Babe - have you heard about this new movie - the silent black and white one? I think we should go see it"..... Anyways....

We saw it on Saturday and it was pure magic. The premise of the film revolves around a very famous and successful silent film actor, George Valentin. Although he is beloved by his fans, George must learn to cope with change as his job and industry start to evolve in a new direction. When producers begin to make more "talkies" or films with dialogue, he struggles to find his inner happiness instead of being defined by what he does [and says]. George's heart also becomes captured by a gorgeous dancer who dreams of becoming a star and seizes her opportunity to steal the spotlight with this modern setup. And while she is stunning, that dog is so stinking cute he might just steal the show...

It's a classic tale filled with a few twists, turns and some great laughs along the way. At one point, I realized you could practically hear the whole theater "thinking" - which was an incredibly odd and slightly eerie feeling. Most times your ears are normally ringing for several hours after a film. However I could clearly hear the rustle of popcorn, ice shifting in glasses, and each movie goer's laugh and gasp. I thought to myself "this must have been what is was like in the 20's" minus the full orchestra playing in front of you. I loved both the ambiance and the picture itself. And I personally think if you're interested in going to see this, don't wait until it comes out on DVD. Go to the theater and get the experience. I'm telling you - you'll love it! Here's the trailer - don't miss out! Happy Tuesday!

image via IndieWire

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Red Carpet Fashion: Golden Globes 2012

Awards season is in full swing people! Sunday I curled up on the couch with 2 girlfriends and a few bottles of wine while we anxiously awaited the Red Carpet arrivals. As we filled out our official ballots (yes we're serious award watchers) I was actually super giddy to see what everyone was going to wear. And let me tell you, they did not disappoint this year. A few trends from the carpet included blush/neutral tones, bold colors, metallics, and heavy statement jewels. In fact a few of my favs were rocking these! So let's take a look at my picks!

Charlize Theron in Dior Haute Couture

Friday, January 13, 2012

Freaky Friday: Super Natural Editorial in Dazed & Confused

Happy Friday the 13th!! Since today is a semi-spooky day I thought I'd share an eccentric and kooky fashion editorial I came across in January's Dazed & Confused issue. Model Julia Frauche was shot by Yelena Yemchuk for the spread titled "Super Natural" . It's a resort/tribal themed shoot but the makeup is absolutely stunning and extremely bizarre... perfect for today! Happy Friday Lovelies - It's the weekend!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Red Carpet Fashion: People's Choice Awards 2012

As usual... the People's choice awards were quite the snoozefest. I guess they're just not what they used to be. Either that or I'm just coming to terms with the fact that it's mostly "Young Hollywood" where it can be rather hit or miss with the fashion picks. Either way there were just a few ladies I wanted to highlight from the red carpet (which is better than last year when I liked ZERO!) So let's check them out...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Steal Her Look For Less: Kate Middleton in Temperley London

Kate Middleton shined at the War Horse London Premiere

How does that saying go - "If it ain't broke don't fix it"? It sure seems like Kate Middleton is taking that phrase to heart. From her gorgeous colorful Issa dresses to her long sleeved wedding gown, she's really made quite the "lacey" fashion statement. Some might consider this fabric to be old fashioned and beyond it's time. Yet she's proven how extremely modern and somewhat sexy it can be. Perhaps it helps that she's got that mega-watt smile and the shiniest hair known to man. Either way, no one was surprised how gorgeously stunning she looked at the London War Horse premiere on Sunday night. Wearing a sweeping black lace gown from Temperley London, the Duchess showed why she's every bit a piece of regal royalty.

The nude underlay offers the look of a skin-bearing sheath keeping the look fresh, fun and current. And while her floor length dress is perfect for a red carpet appearance, I want to translate this elegant style for the everyday woman. And of course, stay on budget! After all, we might all think we're princesses (present company included) but not all of us actually are....
I think the key to wearing this ladylike design is to not over-do it. You want the lace to be the center of attention. Kate was smart by choosing a simple black velvet clutch, that beautiful engagement ring and a sparkling bracelet for a hint of glitz. (The girl can't go around wearing the crown jewels everywhere!) But if you like to keep things a little on the wild side, a peek-a-book cut-out adds a hint of edgy to this classic look. I hope these picks make you feel like the Queen-in-training you all are! xoxo

1st & 2nd image via Yahoo OMG; 2nd image via Zimbio

Friday, January 6, 2012

Officially Debt Free!

As of this very moment, Billy and I are officially DEBT FREE!!!! We sent off the final payment for his student loans yesterday and it went through last night. I can't believe we finally reached our goal - for a while there it seemed as if we would never make it... but 4 years later we're here! I'm couldn't be more proud of my husband. He is such a solid man with extreme dedication and major perseverance. I'm so very grateful that he wanted to get us out of debt rather than push us further in. And even though we've been very restrained about our budget and how we spend money, his planning still allowed us to partake in many great adventures over the years. We've been on several major trips (our honeymoon, Mexico & Italy last April) that were paid in full, he purchased my engagement ring in cash, moved us cross country to our amazing new city and he's always provided a great place for us to live. I truly am a very lucky girl. Now we can start 2012 off with a FRESH start and add a few more fun events to our already growing list. And a BIG Thank You to all our friends & family for their support. You're encouragement has been a true blessing to us. Happy Friday Everyone!!!!

image via here

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Look Of The Day: Rooney Mara in Louis Vuitton

Rooney Mara wears Louis Vuitton in Paris

Everyone can't stop talking about the new American remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Personally, I can't stop admiring Rooney Mara's fashion statements. She's really impressed me by pulling out all the stops for her latest red carpet apperances. So far she's donned Prabal Gurung for NYC and Givenchy for London. But yesterday's Paris premiere was my favorite choice yet. Rooney paired a shimmering jet black mini from the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 line with strappy black sandals and bright red lips. The silouhette of the frock is perfect and I adore the mesh overlay with beaded details. Also with her new black hair and baby bangs, Rooney is a total modern day Audrey Hepburn. What do you think of this LBD? Happy Wednesday! xoxo

image via People

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Goals

Happy New Year Lovelies! Hopefully you had a wonderful NYE filled with lots of glitter and sparkle. We kept ours relatively low key, filled with great food, good friends and lots of bubbly [naturally] Although the typical way to celebrate a clean slate involves making resolutions, I'm not really a fan. I find these "promises" just set everyone up for disappointment or failure. So instead I create goals for myself. I like to think of it as giving myself something to work towards rather than a necessity. And in honor of 2012 I thought I would share a few of my new goals with you...

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