Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guest Blogger: The Fashions of Princess Diana & Kate Middleton

While I am gone on my trip I'll have several guest bloggers writing for Bedazzles After Dark. I love reading their blogs and I wanted to introduce them to my readers! First up is Katie. She's a quirky, smart, vegetarian who is hilarious. She's also a gal who writes about whatever her heart desires on her blog Anything Lovely. Recently she's been gaga over The Wedding (as in The Royal Wedding) So what better way to celebrate this occasion than checking out the stylings of one princess and one soon to be princess.....

Thanks to Nikki for letting me guest post on her blog!
I am certifiably nuts over obsessed with the Royal Wedding (happening tomorrow!). I've literally been on several shopping trips to World Market in search of watching-party supplies, and may or may not have stalked Etsy for hours in search of overpriced, unnecessary paraphernalia with which to commemorate this blessed event (yes, they do make William & Kate-shaped tea bags). I WILL be watching at 2 a.m. PST with scone and tea in-hand because I can't stand the thought of not watching it live. Like I said, I'm obsessed.

Certainly I'm not the only one who's been struck with royal fever (I mean, there's someone out there seeing Kate's likeness on JELLY BEANS, for goodness sake). And no offense, Wills, but can we all just agree that our obsession stems from our complete infatuation with Kate Middleton? I'm not afraid to admit it, I want to TRADE BODIES with her. She is completely gorg. And she's going to be a freaking princess! And the ring, OMG! I think our royal wedding craze also stems from the amazing legacy that Princess Diana left behind. She did so much in the way of humanitarian work, and she did it all while looking AMAZE. So, in honor of one of our ultimate style heroes, Diana, and our new infatuation with Kate--here are my favorite style highlights of this duo:

Kate Middleton Black Sequin Dress
Rocking the LBD. Can you say, "legs?"

Princess Diana in Riding BootsKate Middleton in Riding Boots
Riding boots and all-around casual chic. (Diana's boots? AMAZE! Someone needs to make those!)

Elegant wrap dresses.
The incredible ability to make you feel like you know them, while looking singularly regal

I hope you enjoy the Royal Wedding! If you're like me and don't have cable, you can watch it on YouTube here.

You can view more of Katie's musings on her blog Anything Lovely or Tweet her here [@thingsshesaid]

1st image via Real Simple; 2nd image Style Binge; 3rd image via AOL Stylist; 4th image via ProInvestATI; 5th image via Luxist; 6th image via Gossip Rocks; 7th image via Amy Wong; 8th image via Zimbio

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ciao! I'm Off to Italia!

Map of Italy

Today marks the first day of my vacation! Well almost.. we're leaving for the airport around 1:00 pm and boarding a plane to Rome!! I am so excited and I can't wait to eat tons [and I mean tons] of pasta, drink lots of wine and just marvel in the amazing country of Italy. It's also where my ancestors are from so I can't wait to be in the land of where my Great Grandfather was born! :) I'll be gone for 11 days with no real access to a telephone, computer or (gasp!) fashion! So luckily I've lined up some amazing Guest Bloggers to take over while I'm away. I can't wait for you guys to read their posts - they're fantastic! Thanks again to you gals for doing this. And thanks to my lovely readers! I've been getting a lot of emails, comments and tweets lately about the blog. All your feedback is GREATLY appreciated! I promise. So stay tuned to Bedazzles After Dark and I'll see you guys in 11 days! xoxo

image via World Travels

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Look Of The Day: Naomi Watts in Stella McCartney Sandals

Naomi Watts wears a Chanel tweed shift dress and bright yellow Stella McCartney sandals

It's spring time! And you know what that means.... film festival red carpets! The Tribeca Film Festival is already underway and will be until May 1st and Cannes isn't far behind (May 11 - May 22) So far there's been several stars walking the carpets looking stunning but when I saw this photo this morning - I had to share! Naomi Watts attended Chanel's party for the festival wearing a lovely Chanel tweed dress and Stella McCartney yellow sandals. These are a favorite of hers as she wore them quite a bit last summer and yellow shoes were pretty popular in the early fall. I am obsessed with colored shoes and I love Naomi's combination! I think it must be the color from the tweed helps make those shoes a gorgeous shade of marigold rather than a bright yellow. What do you think? Do you love!? Also Katie from Anything Lovely is another yellow lover [I die for that bag!]

image via InStyle

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let The Packing Begin!

Overflowing Suitcase Filled With Clothes

This time next week I'll be 3 days into my Italy adventure! We leave on Wednesday afternoon and arrive in Rome on Thursday morning. I can't even begin to explain how excited I am but I've been so pre-occupied with what to bring that I've yet to actually start packing. I'm totally open to suggestions from you guys on packing tips.. I'm trying to go as light as possible but I'm starting to feel like my suitcase will look worse than that picture....

On another note.. I've lined up a few Guest Bloggers to help keep Bedazzles After Dark going while I am on vacay! I hope you enjoy their writing and posts as much as I do! Can't wait to show you what they've got lined up. Have a great rest of the weekend! xoxo

image via

Friday, April 22, 2011

In ♥ With This: Camilla Belle in Silver Victoria Beckham Dress

Camilla Belle attends the Coach Benefit wearing a silver Victoria Beckham dress on April 20th
It's only fitting that around the first anniversary of the "In ♥ With This" section that I would [unknowingly] pick the same gal! (Here's the first post) Saw this picture and I just had to share with you readers! Camilla Belle looked stunning wearing a silver sequined Victoria Beckham dress. Plus when photographed the top part of the two tone dress isn't as dark as it is on the Net-A-Porter site. She paired it with Sergio Rossi Cachet pumps and the Coach Kristin Elevated Crossbody bag. Girl looks amaze! Although she's been labeled an "actress" I really only know her for three reasons. 1) She was Joe Jonas' girlfriend. 2) She was in that move When A Stranger Calls and 3) She kills it on the red carpet all the time. What do you think? Do you love this look as much as me?! Happy Friday Loveys!!!!
Victoria Beckham Two Tone-Silk Lame Dress from Net A PorterSergio Rossi Cachet Patent Leather Platform Pumps via NordstromCoach Kristin Elevated Leather Crossbody Bag

1st image via Instyle, 2nd image via Net-A-Porter, 3rd image via Nordstrom, 4th image via Examiner

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poll: Battle of the Celebrity Cookbook Fashions: Eva Longoria vs Gwyneth Paltrow

Eva Longoria signs copy of her cookbook Eva's Kitchen at Borders in NYC Gwyneth Paltrow Signs Copies of My Father's Daughter Cookbook at Barnes & Noble in NYC

Both of these stars have been running all over the U.S. plugging their new cookbooks Eva's Kitchen and My Father's Daughter. I've been really excited to test out recipes from each collection (My famous Sangria is actually an Eva Longoria recipe and it's TDF... let me know if you want it!) but I was more excited when I noticed that each star was upping the "Promotional Appearance Outfit" practically daily! Which is why I am dying to ask you fellow readers... Who had the better style?!

Eva Longoria wears a Victoria Beckham pink dress to The Early Show while promoting Eva's Kitchen Eva Longoria wears a Victoria Beckham draped nude dress to sign copies of her cookbook Eva's Kitchen at Barnes & Noble
Eva Longoria wears a Victoria Beckham orange dress to The View while promoting Eva's Kitchen

Eva turned to her good friend Victoria Beckham for impeccable dressing during her cookbook press tour. While taping The Early Show on April 4th, Eva wore the Cap Sleeve Tunic in cadillac pink from the Spring 2011 collection. After fashionistas swooned over this design it sold out within 24 hours of her wearing it. Eva paired it with blush colored satin pumps from Brian Atwood and a gorgeous hairstyle. Next she showed up on The View on April 5th in this 3/4 sleeve shift dress. Although I can't find a full length picture you can watch more of her interview here. LOVE this tangerine color.. it's so fab! Lastly Eva wore another Victoria Beckham Spring 2011 dress in a gorgeous nude color. Her one shoulder draped dress is fresh and classy. Nude Ferragamo pumps and bright jade earrings help punch this outfit up. Eva's recipe for fashion: Sleek silhouettes, pops of color and gorgeous curls. Love!
Gwyneth Paltrow throws a party for her cookbook My Father’s Daughter at Palazzo Chupi Gwyneth Paltrow signs copies of My Father's Daughter cookbook at a Williams Sonoma in NYC
Gwyneth Paltrow attends a Good Morning America taping in NYC to promote her cookbook My Father's Daughter

Gwyneth is my new go-to girl crush. I know that she's always been a beautiful woman and I first became obsessed with her during her Sliding Doors/A Perfect Murder days (I wanted to chop my hair just like hers! So lovely!) But as of late she's really been on my fashion radar. She takes this whole minimalist approach to her wardrobe seriously and while I am all over the place with a love of sequins and sparkle, I really can appreciate the clean lines and effortlessness she gives off. My first fav look she's sported so far is from her BFF Stella McCartney. Gwyn wore her friend's white shift dress to an event on April 11 celebrating the release of the cook book. It looks really sleek and modern and the color pops against her glowing skin. I've also literally been dreaming about those Sergio Rossi cutout booties. I mustfind a look for less because they are beyond amazing. Next up she hit NYC for a Good Morning America taping wearing both a blush tone dress and blazer by Alexander Wang. Shoes were once again Sergio Rossi. I like the asymmetrical hem of the dress. So simple and elegant! Lastly she wore a fabulous Spring 2011 dress from Vionnet with an adorable bow belt to a Williams Sonoma book signing. Her legs are killer in it and I am dying over those colored sandals from Aperlai (thought I haven't been able to find them at any store!) A fresh face, easy hair and clean lines are ingredients for Gwyneth's fantastic look.

Now it's time for you to tell me which star's style you love the best! Vote in my poll below and leave me a comment if you'd love to see a look for less done from any of the above! (Remember Carrie Underwood's look for less that you guys loved?!) Hey! It's almost Friday! :)

2nd image via Zimbio; all other images via InStyle
  • Eva Longoria - I love all the Victoria Beckham designs and colors! (9 votes)
  • Gwyneth Paltrow - Those simplistic outfits look stunning on her! (6 votes)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

☮ ♥ and Coachella 2011 - The Fashion

Happy Tuesday Loveys! I was recovering from my fabulous weekend in Palm Springs and wishing that I was still there. It was a HOT weekend filled with lots of margaritas, poolside play and relaxation. Our amazing hosts Dana & Steve really showed us how to do PS right! While we were running around (or biking I should say) the desert we noticed that the town was filled with Coachella concert go-ers. I felt like we stepped onto a show called "Who can look the most hipster/downtown/hippie chic?" Of course I loved seeing the street style "regular" gals wore but let's dive into a little celebrity style shall we?

Alessandra Abrosio at 2011 Coachella   Kate Bosworth on Day 2 of Coachella 2011 
Alessandra Ambrosio and Kate Bosworth show off their style at 2011 Coachella
These two were also a part of my favs from last year's Coachella picks. Both celebs kept their style easy, breezy and super laid back. Alessandra paired her cute neutral Rebecca Taylor dress with this fabulous Tolani Chakra scarf. This look is so easy to emulate! Find the brightest scarf you have, pile on some bracelets, add a pair of vintage boots and you're set! Kate Bosworth wore three looks like last year that I loved (especially her headwear!) So this year I was excited to see what she would wear! Kate is never one to shy away from a deal and her $45 Topshop Flag Shirt doesn't even need a look for less! Ms. Bosworth is also a huge fan of Isabel Marant footwear (among many of the designers pieces) She sported ankle booties at 2010 Coachella but I kind of love these lace up boots she's wearing. Looks like she also incorporated her Ray Ban aviators from last year's festival into her concert wardrobe. And of course she paired her look with... what else? JewelMint Jewelry from her own [affordable!] collection!
Isabel Lucas wearing a colored maxi skirt at Coachella 2011   Camilla Belle attending the Mulberry pool party wearing Mulberry's Kilty Blouse and Mini Carter handbag
Actress Isabel Lucas and Camilla Belle wear hippie inspired looks while they keep cool during Coachella 2011

These looks are two of my favorite ways to dress. Isabel looks like she stepped straight out of Woodstock. One would think that pairing a ombre colored maxi skirt and crochet vest together might be overkill or Granny-fied. But she somehow manages to keep it fun and fresh. Love the headwear and her cross body bag. I am totally sold on this outfit. Camilla attended the Mulberry pool party at The Parker Hotel (I ate brunch there on Sunday. Ah-mazing) Her Mulberry Kilty blouse and light wash denim shorts surprisingly go together well. I love the bright pop of color with the sandals and the sunglasses. Try this pair for some tangerine footwear like hers. Either of these looks can be worn by you for some weekend shopping or just a relaxing day vegging out with friends.
Harley Viera Newton wearing a Juicy Couture dress to Mulberry's pool party during Coachella 2011   Harley Viera Newton attends Coachella 2011 wearing a Juicy Couture Trellis top and Juicy sunglasses
Harley Viera Newton proudly wears Juicy Couture products and a Celine handbag
I've become newly acquainted with Harley Viera Newton but so far I love what I see. She wears a lot of hats (model, DJ, photographer) but was labeled as an "Internet It Girl" based on her famous friendships and her MySpace page. In the first photo she was seen attending Mulberry's pool party wearing a lace dress from Juicy Couture (a kind of dressed down version of this Diane Kruger Look) along with Juicy sunglasses and a Celine Nano Mini Luggage handbag. Simple outfit with a major outcome - perfection. Next Harley wore Juicy Couture's Trellis Beaded Top (Currently on sale!) with a trusty pair of denim cutoffs (something every girl should own!!) Harley proved that basic staples (Juicy none the less!) and rotation of accessories (handbag, sunglasses and shoes) is the best way to travel. Love it all!
Are you in need of some summer wardrobe ideas? Just take a cue from these stylish ladies and you'll not only be looking fab but staying cool as well! I'll leave you lastly with a pic that sums up my amazing weekend in Palm Springs! xoxo!

Le Sigh.... so perfect!

1st through 3rd image via Zimbio, 4th & 5th image via RDuJour, 6th image via FashionTumblrs

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Friday! Britney Spears' Dance Until The World Ends Video

Perfect to get you in the mood for the weekend!

Freaky Friday: Lady Gaga's Harper's Bazaar Shoot

Lady Gaga in custom made Alexander McQueen dress & mask

I feel like you either love or hate Lady Gaga... there's no real in between or gray area with her. I happen to be at the furthest end of the love spectrum. So much that I dressed up as her for Halloween (I made my costume.. so much fun!) I love that she's just bizzare, strange, weirdly pretty and of course I enjoy seeing what kind of fashion creations she's going to wear next. In her most recent magazine interview with Harper's Bazaar, Lady Gaga poses in custom made designer pieces while explaining that a dead Alexander McQueen wrote her "Born This Way" track and that she thinks pop stars having plastic surgery "promotes insecurity." But don't mistake those horns and bones she's been sporting on her face and shoulders lately as plastic surgery or altered appearance. Lady Gaga says those are merely "Artistic Expression" To be honest it's refreshing to hear someone discourage fixing your body and embracing what you've got. Check out a few of the photos from the shoot:

I'm totally loving the pink hair! To read the full interview (given by Derek Blasberg) and see more photos from the shoot click here. Happy Friday Loves! I am headed to Palm Springs for a relaxing fun weekend but sadly no Coachella... Maybe next year! Enjoy the weekend - hope it's sunny wherever you are! xoxo

all images via Harper's Bazaar

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Steal Her Look For Less: Carrie Underwood's Green Sequin ACM Dress

Carrie Underwood in Farah Angsana at 2011 ACM in Las Vegas
Last week I asked you to vote in a poll based on which Carrie Underwood ACM look you liked the best. I was planning on doing a look for less based on the most popular choice. Since there was a tie between her purple red carpet gown and her audience dress, I chose my favorite look from the night. We just covered color as a major trend this spring and with green all over this year's Gold Globes red carpet I thought this was a perfect choice to give you readers an outfit idea.

Although I couldn't find an exact match to the Farah Angsana sequin dress Carrie wore, there are plenty of ways to add sparkle to any frock. Stick to an all over solid color. I like both of the emeralds pictured but this look would look fabulous in a rich purple or royal blue. Add a belt like the French Connection piece or a broach at the hip of the gown for a little "frost" and depth. Or if you can find a sequin choice - all the better! I love that Carrie kept her look simple and clean. A pair of platform nude shoes elongate the legs and look classically pretty with the short hemline. Since you want the dress to be the main focus of this outfit keep the jewelry to a minimum. A chunky bracelet and some crystal drop earrings are perfect accessories. A black clutch is the finishing touch and voilĂ ! Rock your look on a fancy date night or fun night out. Can't wait to see if you gals Go Green and try this out! Happy Thursday! xoxo
1st image via MJS Blog, 2nd image via Overoll

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rachel Zoe ♥'s Sole Society... So Should You!

When what to my wandering eyes should appear... but an email from Rachel Zoe herself telling me how amazing Sole Society is! Well ok I know that's now how the original poem goes but I was super excited when I was scrolling through my daily email blasts and came across today's Zoe Report! I've been telling you how fabulous Sole Society is for a few months but now I've got Glam-Approved proof from Rachel Zoe herself. Bananas! I'm dying to know if any of you have purchased shoes.. If so, what styles did you get? Did you like them? I'm on my 4th pair right now (I know.. it's a bit of a problem!) For more info on Sole Society click here and here or Sign Up Here. Happy Wednesday loves!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Skittles - Wear The Rainbow: Bright Color Spring Trend

If you haven't noticed, one of of the biggest trends for spring isn't exactly a "new trend" so much as it is appearing all over the place this season. COLOR! We've already covered two of the major colors (Cobalt and Coral) but now it seems that any shade of the rainbow will be seen over the next few months. I can't wait to try colored denim & a fabulous dress in one bright, bold shade for this trend. But if perhaps those choices are as little too daring or aren't your favorite way to express color (though I think you can handle it!) - I've put together a few accessory ideas that any gal (lover of colors or neutral tried & true) can add to her wardrobe.
My personal favorite way to wear color right now - Hot Pink Lipstick. I included Covergirl's new Lip Perfection lipstick in Spellbound because I LOVE this shade and the lipstick itself. It's the perfect hot pink color and super affordable. It is really creamy, moisturizing and doesn't flake. Continued use of it will keep your lips silky and smooth. Keep your other makeup suttle - I do mascara and a little bronzer only - when trying this trick. Some other easy options are a nail polish in a hue you normally might not sport (check out that teal/minty shade) or some pink sunglasses. But if you want to go a bit bigger let's take a look at some celebrity style that you can steal and make your own.
Nicole Richie was spotted wearing an all black ensemble and a punch of Lime Green with her Balenciaga bag. Hers will set you back about $1,400 but I've found some fabulous bright options that will be kind to your budget. Add one for an instant outfit lift. Jessica Biel has also been spotted in a blue Hublot watch that features a blue rubber band. The price on her selection: $23,300. But you can pick up the same casual style for way less than a fraction of that price. Try wearing flats with a funky shade (love these ASOS pink/purple combo) or pair a bright slingback with a LBD/LWD. 
Lastly we come to my new favorite way to pep up an outfit - the colored bra. Rhianna wore an orange lacy one with her crisp white button down a few summers ago. The trick to this look is that you want to look sexy and hot instead of trampy. Keep your look casual with denim cutoffs, boyfriend jeans and long maxi dresses. Don't wear sky high heels - stick to gladiator sandals. If you choose to go with the lacy route - pick a bold color and steer clear of blacks, whites and nudes. Lastly - combine two spring trends by wearing a sporter version under a loose flowy tank top. With Coachella right around the corner this would be a fabulous choice.

UO, Asos, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Roxy, Gabriella Rocha

Don't feel obligated to stick to my selections here - try out your own! In fact this season it's all about mixing and matching color combinations. The possibilities are endless! Send me pics if you try out the trend - love to feature you on the blog! Happy Coloring loves! xoxo

1st image via People, 2nd image via Zimbio, 3rd image via FabSugar, 4th image via Year Without Rain
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