Thursday, May 27, 2010

SJP Recycles... And I love it!!

Well ladies... The hour is upon us!! The long awaited Sex & The City 2 premieres tonight at midnight! I would 100% be going tonight but my two girlfriends and I have made a pact to see it together and we could only get together next weekend. So while I wait 10 long days (and I do mean looooong days) I thought I would showcase Sarah Jessica Parker acting like a normal everyday woman who recycles certain clothes and also taking some style cues from her alter ego Carrie Bradshaw.
SJP rocked this white Stella McCartney Blazer while stopping by David Letterman on Wednesday. I did a double take after seeing this and ran back to find the first time we spotted her jacket: A Bravo party back in March! I love that she has used it to cover her dresses. The proportions are spot on and I love the sleeves on the blazer. Both dresses have style and flair so add some chunky jewelry and she's turned a menswear look into feminine chic. Then I thought I recognized those blue Nicholas Kirkwood sandals...

And I had! Sarah Jessica channeled Carrie B a few weeks ago when doing an interview with Access Hollywood. Her Proenza Schouler dress and black shirt pair perfectly with her blazer. It's as if she matched everything while mixing it up at same time (If that makes any sense). Plus she tied in the pink blazer with the pink trim in the sandals. SJP also showed up at a SATC2 after party with lightened locks - homage to Ms. Bradshaw perhaps? I love that the Nicholas Kirkwood pumps bright up her whole outfit and just pop. Ahem. Sarah Jessica has said that playing such a style risk taker like Carrie has allowed her to become much bolder with her fashion choices. Personally I love both of these looks. And I love that she isn't afraid to pair her bright and colorful shoes with many outfits. Perfect inspiration for us normal gals!

Early this winter you couldn't spot the actress without her bubblegum pink Bonnie Bag from Diane De Maria. The bright color cheered up even the dreariest of NYC days. And she proved it can be paired with jeans, dresses and even black snow boots! So fabulous.

Although these aren't the same dress I would still consider this style recycling. Bright yellow one shoulder dresses with neutral shoes. Yellow is quite a hard color to pull off - especially when it's as embellished or electric as these choices. But she looks flawless and stunning. Her sparkly Lanvin is incredible and Sarah Jessica was the center of attention while she attended this year's ShoWest in Las Vegas. I hate black shoes with yellow so I love the pink and metallic pumps. At the SATC2 New York premiere she paired her gorgeous Valentino gown with deep silver Ferragamo pumps. I am loving that her hair is blonde again creating this whole glow about her. Now if I could just figure out how to get those perfect curls...

images via FabSugar, Glamour, Celebrity Gossip, Bagloft, Zimbio & NY Daily News

Thursday, May 20, 2010

All You Need Is Trust & A Little Bit Of Pixie Cuts

Last Thursday I got to attend the Young Hollywood Awards and got a firsthand look at Jessica Stroup's cropped hair cut - it was amazing and looked absolutely fantastic on her. And it seems that this may be a summer trend celebrities are following. After shuffling through photos from Cannes, I noticed that Michelle Williams had chopped off her locks and is now sporting a short bleached pixie cut. (Speaking of which I love her both with long locks and her short Mia Farrow inspired haircut) Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere really takes the cake as far as hair chameleons go. We've seen her with every color and style under the sun - until she took the term "haircut" to the next level. Hayden first cut her auburn locks back in April but was spotted at Tuesday's World Music Awards with this slicked back blonde do. I have to admit - I kind of love it.
Renée Zellweger is a serial pixie hair lover - and why not? She's got the bone structure! Even though it seemed she was actuall growing her hair out, Renée was recently photographed with this choppy pixie. Cute glasses! And lastly, Carey Mulligan. I have been flip flopping back and forth with her. Sometimes her hair looks fantastic, especially when it's this reddish color. Amaze! But when I saw her at this year's Academy Awards, I wasn't sure if the blonde suited her. Then these pictures surfaced of her and beau Shia LaBeouf and my mind was totally changed. She played up the volume with this pompadour style and I think it's perfect on her. I'm a huge fan of pixie cuts but I could never cut my hair like this (I don't really think it would work - I'd end up looking like Felicity (Keri Russell) circa 1999.) So I'll just live vicariously through these beauties!

Tell me - what do you think of these pixie cuts? Do you love or loathe?

images via Bella Sugar, Hollywood Life, & People 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

All About Eva

Eva Longoria Parker has been running around Cannes Film Festival looking smashing everywhere she goes. Whether she's playing up her elegance in long dramatic gowns or showing off her toned gams in short dress and sky high heels Eva never shies away from the glamour. Of course I am obsessed with her short Elie Saab mini dress from the first photo - totes gorg! And it looks like Eva is wearing one of my picks for spring's hottest trends: The colored shoe! Love Love Love!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hey Mama!

You may be getting a good chuckle from the photo above :) but it's a definite favorite of mine. And in honor of this year's Mother's Day I thought I would write a little tribute to my own fantastic mother! My mom was 23 when I was born so to me she always seemed like a cool hip mom. I remember watching her dress for dinner dates with my dad or parties with friends. She always wore fun bright colors, lots of jewelry and great shoes. (I always wanted to wear this one outfit - a gold studded black pant and jacket set - my favorite!) Those memories are still part of when I get ready now. While buying a new dress or a fab pair of heels is always great - I love throwing on old costume jewelry or piling on bangles that remind me of my fashionable mother. But one of my favorite parts of fashion growing up was when I got a new outfit that matched hers! She would buy cute dresses for her and little shorts outfits for me in the same fabric. And even though some may think matching outfits are hilarious - I loved that I could look just like my mom. One of our favorite things to do together was shopping. I loved when I had a special event and she would take me to every store until I found the perfect outfit. She even bought me special nail polish for my first date. :) Shopping is something that we will still do together though now my favorite part of it is helping her look for outfits. I love that now my mom is taking my advice about clothes and jewelry. Funny how the tables can turn...

But I gained a lot more from my mom than just being fashionable or my curly hair - she always taught me to be true to myself, be honest with people and how to be strong, confident and independent. (Ummm check out my posing above - if that isn't confidence, I don't know what is!) She has overcome so many obstacles during her life and she is an inspiration to me. Although she has always been my mom - she's also been my best friend. I have learned so many things from her and I hope that I can only be one tenth of the amazing woman that she is. I know how lucky I am to have both my parents and to be so close with both of them. I'm grateful for those bonds and I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

So Mom, even though I won't be seeing you on Sunday I hope you know I am sending you all my love!!! :)  Make sure you call your moms this weekend and tell them how much you appreciate and love them. Hearing those words probably means more to her than you'll know. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In ♥ With This: Met Ball 2010

Not sure what I love more from Monday's Met Gala... SJP's ahhhh-mazing 70's inspired Halston peach gown (ummm disco anyone?!) or the fact that Jude Law and Sienna Miller are back together and I felt like I was looking a picture circa 2005 (plus I'm dying for her Pucci dress)... I can't pick so you tell me! xoxo

images via People & Celebrity Gossip
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