Monday, April 11, 2011

Skittles - Wear The Rainbow: Bright Color Spring Trend

If you haven't noticed, one of of the biggest trends for spring isn't exactly a "new trend" so much as it is appearing all over the place this season. COLOR! We've already covered two of the major colors (Cobalt and Coral) but now it seems that any shade of the rainbow will be seen over the next few months. I can't wait to try colored denim & a fabulous dress in one bright, bold shade for this trend. But if perhaps those choices are as little too daring or aren't your favorite way to express color (though I think you can handle it!) - I've put together a few accessory ideas that any gal (lover of colors or neutral tried & true) can add to her wardrobe.
My personal favorite way to wear color right now - Hot Pink Lipstick. I included Covergirl's new Lip Perfection lipstick in Spellbound because I LOVE this shade and the lipstick itself. It's the perfect hot pink color and super affordable. It is really creamy, moisturizing and doesn't flake. Continued use of it will keep your lips silky and smooth. Keep your other makeup suttle - I do mascara and a little bronzer only - when trying this trick. Some other easy options are a nail polish in a hue you normally might not sport (check out that teal/minty shade) or some pink sunglasses. But if you want to go a bit bigger let's take a look at some celebrity style that you can steal and make your own.
Nicole Richie was spotted wearing an all black ensemble and a punch of Lime Green with her Balenciaga bag. Hers will set you back about $1,400 but I've found some fabulous bright options that will be kind to your budget. Add one for an instant outfit lift. Jessica Biel has also been spotted in a blue Hublot watch that features a blue rubber band. The price on her selection: $23,300. But you can pick up the same casual style for way less than a fraction of that price. Try wearing flats with a funky shade (love these ASOS pink/purple combo) or pair a bright slingback with a LBD/LWD. 
Lastly we come to my new favorite way to pep up an outfit - the colored bra. Rhianna wore an orange lacy one with her crisp white button down a few summers ago. The trick to this look is that you want to look sexy and hot instead of trampy. Keep your look casual with denim cutoffs, boyfriend jeans and long maxi dresses. Don't wear sky high heels - stick to gladiator sandals. If you choose to go with the lacy route - pick a bold color and steer clear of blacks, whites and nudes. Lastly - combine two spring trends by wearing a sporter version under a loose flowy tank top. With Coachella right around the corner this would be a fabulous choice.

UO, Asos, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Roxy, Gabriella Rocha

Don't feel obligated to stick to my selections here - try out your own! In fact this season it's all about mixing and matching color combinations. The possibilities are endless! Send me pics if you try out the trend - love to feature you on the blog! Happy Coloring loves! xoxo

1st image via People, 2nd image via Zimbio, 3rd image via FabSugar, 4th image via Year Without Rain

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