Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Inspiration: #GetItGirl

I'm pretty sure that if I were single or lived with a bunch of girlfriends, this mantra would be displayed all over my entire house. From prints to pillow cases to tees and beyond, this saying really just speaks to me. I seriously love it! And since I've got some MAHJ stuff happening in my life right now.. it's also appropriate for getting my butt in gear and making &$@! happen! So let's take in a little Monday Inspiration and then conquer the universe together, shall we?!
We already know how I feel about graphic tees. This Shop Dandy one needs to get in my life STAT!

Pencils on your desk with this motivational mantra? Ummm.. talk about a productive work day.

I'd stamp the hell out of errrrrrrythang with this piece of cuteness. For reeeeeeelz.

Why hello there - wouldn't you be a lovely sight to see every time I walk inside my apartment (especially when I need a blogging push after a long day of work!)

Selfies are instantly encouraged to step up their game with the simple mirror image of this iphone cover (more colors are available!)
Hope you're officially motivated to kick Monday in the booty!! xo


  1. LOVE that phone cover! I say this ALL THE TME!

  2. This phrase is always in my daily vocabulary! I think I need to stock up on a few of these items! The stamp is my favorite!

    Megan Star | BeautyBrawler

  3. How funny that you posted this today. I have seen the pillow and thought the same thing with my "single girls" apartment proudly displaying it. In a house, with teenage sons, and a significant other living there it would feel a little highschoolish to me! But don't think I haven't thought of a fun way to add it still! Now the tee I think I can pull off! Great Monday motivation!

  4. Those pencils are too cute. The mantra is definitely needed on mondays xx

  5. I want that Get It Girl pillow in a framed print! So cute!!

  6. Adorable! So, hubby wouldn't dig the girl power messages splattered all over his house? ;)

    La Petite Gigi

  7. I absolutely love Graphic Tees too and can't take my body off of them lately LOL.


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