Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Go See This Movie: The Artist

I've been itching to go see The Artist ever since I read all the rave reviews from this past summer's Cannes Film Festival. A silent film, plus instrumental music of course, this black and white picture is a total throwback to Old Hollywood and reminiscent of the way movies used to be made. Complete with dancing, pantomime and title cards, I was instantly drawn to this mixed modern and vintage idea. Plus when I found out it was a French film, set in the 20's and had a Jack Russell, I was sold. But my husband on the other hand decided he didn't want to see it - "just rent it on Netflix" he said. That was until the Golden Globes came around and The Artist started winning everything. Then he was all "Babe - have you heard about this new movie - the silent black and white one? I think we should go see it"..... Anyways....

We saw it on Saturday and it was pure magic. The premise of the film revolves around a very famous and successful silent film actor, George Valentin. Although he is beloved by his fans, George must learn to cope with change as his job and industry start to evolve in a new direction. When producers begin to make more "talkies" or films with dialogue, he struggles to find his inner happiness instead of being defined by what he does [and says]. George's heart also becomes captured by a gorgeous dancer who dreams of becoming a star and seizes her opportunity to steal the spotlight with this modern setup. And while she is stunning, that dog is so stinking cute he might just steal the show...

It's a classic tale filled with a few twists, turns and some great laughs along the way. At one point, I realized you could practically hear the whole theater "thinking" - which was an incredibly odd and slightly eerie feeling. Most times your ears are normally ringing for several hours after a film. However I could clearly hear the rustle of popcorn, ice shifting in glasses, and each movie goer's laugh and gasp. I thought to myself "this must have been what is was like in the 20's" minus the full orchestra playing in front of you. I loved both the ambiance and the picture itself. And I personally think if you're interested in going to see this, don't wait until it comes out on DVD. Go to the theater and get the experience. I'm telling you - you'll love it! Here's the trailer - don't miss out! Happy Tuesday!

image via IndieWire

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