Monday, August 22, 2011

Currently Inspired By: Kate Hudson in Nine

Whenever we head to Palm Springs we usually spend the weekend lounging by the pool, biking around town, eating delicious food and laughing constantly with Steve & Dana (our gracious hosts). It's so fabulous. And the music... Oh the music! It's constantly flowing all day (and night) long. I seriously love it. One of the songs that kept popping up was the Kate Hudson version of "Cinema Italiano" from the theatrical movie Nine. We actually just recently watched the movie and while it was a little hit or miss my absolute favorite part was actually Kate Hudson's sex kitten character Stephanie.

Currently Inspired By: Kate Hudson in Nine

The chain smoking, blond haired, fashion journalist (of course!) with kohl rimmed eyes Stephanie, embodied everything that I love from this era. Her description of why American women love Italy still stands true (maybe I'm partial - but I doubt it...) And it was pretty amazing how much Goldie she was channeling for this role. Ah-mazing. But what really had me was her musical number. It was definitely, by far, the best one from the movie. The men in the suits, the black & white, the dancing. It's seriously phenomenal. For the past week I haven't been able to stop thinking about fringe, cat eye sunglasses and thigh high boots. I love being inspired by different periods of time or movies or even old magazine photographs. Anything from the past can really be worked into your everyday wardrobe - you just have to find a way to tweak it to work for you. For instance to modernize this look I would

obviously only pick one item [from above] and pair it with current items instead of wearing everything all at once. Otherwise it's going to borderline on costumey. Take that gorgeous gold sequin dress and add nude pumps and a hot pink lip to keep it present. Or pair those kick ass sequin boots with some skinny jeans and a basic top. Fluffing hair into a Bardot style or rimming the eyes with some kohl liner (remember the Blake Lively Glamour spread) are always tips and tricks I use when I need to amp my look up a little bit. And if you needed further proof to try it - here's Kate signing and dancing so you can embrace the full on amazingness. Happy Monday! xoxo

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