Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Go See This Movie: Crazy Stupid Love

{Crazy. Stupid. Love. Probably my favorite movie so far this year}

I had been wanting to see this movie ever since I saw the previews for it back in March. I'm certifiably obsessed with Ryan Gosling and have girl crushes on both Emma Stone and Julianne Moore. So I was thrilled when Billy called me at work last week to go on a little movie date! And it was just as good as I had hoped! I can't reveal or review it because then it would just ruin it for you. But I will tell you that it was such heartfelt storyline mixed with great acting and hilarious humor.. It's been a while since I really had laughed out loud at a movie and it's safe to say this is my favorite pick of the year. Now I'll leave you with a little top ten list of why you must go see this movie:

1. Ryan Gosling (duh!)
2. Steve Carell plays a hilarious and relatable character
3. Finally a woman {Julianne Moore} gets to have the "Mid-Life"crisis
4. Ryan Gosling takes his shirt off. Several times. As in more than once. So you'll need the big screen effect
5. The 13 year old son is the cutest kid in the entire world - his views on love will make you feel optimistic about it again
6. Emma Stone has the best freak out moment and gets to do what every girls dreams of since they were like 10
7. Ryan Gosling in his 3 piece suits. Yes. Please.
8. That cute girl from America's Next Top Model is in it
9. The scene from the above poster
10. Ryan. Freaking. Gosling.

Oh and p.s. the music in the movie and the soundtrack are the best!
Now grab a date, some candy (we prefer Sour Patch Kids) and get to the nearest theater! Happy Wednesday!

image via Warner Brothers


  1. YES! Best movie of the year by FAR! Ryan Gosling is amazing, I laughed and I cried! Stephen loved it too. Win.

  2. You had me at Ryan Gosling! Haha I will have to go see it :)


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