Thursday, May 20, 2010

All You Need Is Trust & A Little Bit Of Pixie Cuts

Last Thursday I got to attend the Young Hollywood Awards and got a firsthand look at Jessica Stroup's cropped hair cut - it was amazing and looked absolutely fantastic on her. And it seems that this may be a summer trend celebrities are following. After shuffling through photos from Cannes, I noticed that Michelle Williams had chopped off her locks and is now sporting a short bleached pixie cut. (Speaking of which I love her both with long locks and her short Mia Farrow inspired haircut) Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere really takes the cake as far as hair chameleons go. We've seen her with every color and style under the sun - until she took the term "haircut" to the next level. Hayden first cut her auburn locks back in April but was spotted at Tuesday's World Music Awards with this slicked back blonde do. I have to admit - I kind of love it.
Renée Zellweger is a serial pixie hair lover - and why not? She's got the bone structure! Even though it seemed she was actuall growing her hair out, Renée was recently photographed with this choppy pixie. Cute glasses! And lastly, Carey Mulligan. I have been flip flopping back and forth with her. Sometimes her hair looks fantastic, especially when it's this reddish color. Amaze! But when I saw her at this year's Academy Awards, I wasn't sure if the blonde suited her. Then these pictures surfaced of her and beau Shia LaBeouf and my mind was totally changed. She played up the volume with this pompadour style and I think it's perfect on her. I'm a huge fan of pixie cuts but I could never cut my hair like this (I don't really think it would work - I'd end up looking like Felicity (Keri Russell) circa 1999.) So I'll just live vicariously through these beauties!

Tell me - what do you think of these pixie cuts? Do you love or loathe?

images via Bella Sugar, Hollywood Life, & People 

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