Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile [photos]

Last week's lazy hair day actually turned into a majorly good hair day! My super fun and very easy fishtail braid got so many compliments! But I secretly love how much it shows off my blonde locks.

Hot on the heels of my neon craze, I spotted tons of the bright colors at Gap! That orange is phenom!

I've been pretty disciplined about sticking my eating plan but I had to splurge on an In-N-Out double double Friday night. SO worth it!

I took this Friday off (a very rare occurrence) and we spent the weekend in Palm Springs with our friends Melanie & Andrew. It was so wonderful to get in some much need R&R and spend quality time with friends!

I finally gave in and started reading The Hunger Games... totally hooked!

I don't have instagram but make sure you follow me on Twitter for more photo updates! Hope you had a lovely weekend as well! What did you guys spend it doing?


  1. I love a good fishtail braid! (And the Hunger Games!!!) Enjoy :)

  2. Love the fishtail. I need to learn how to do that! :) It does look superbly blond there too!

  3. Fishtail looks awesome. Love the color at Gap. I would give anything to eat in n' out (but I would never stop) and you need Instagram :)


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