Thursday, March 22, 2012

Currently Inspired By: Neon Color!

Bright neon colors aren't just for cheesy bar signs or 80's nostalgia parties anymore. Riding hot on the coattails of last Spring's color trend (here & here), this season we're seeing a much bolder version of these shades. Everything from beauty products, to clothing to jewelry (even hair color) are being drenched in these fun hues. If you follow me on Facebook or Pinterest you know how much I am obsessing over neon right now - especially since I'm such a color lover! And I plan on taking every opportunity to rock this look while it's still in. Although it's a very fine line between tasteful and overkill with neon, I've picked out some photo inspiration for incorporating it into your wardrobe. Have fun lovelies!!

Get on the neon denim train while you can! There are plenty of on-trend stores that carry bright colors for even better prices. Try Forever 21, Target (yes Target!), Zara and H&M. I would recommend a white tee and blazer or if you're feeling adventuresome - color block!

You can't go wrong with a handful of neon - one of the easiest ways to add a little spark to your look! I suggest sticking to one shade rather than multiple, but this should at least give you inspiration on what kind of colors to look for (adore that green!)

Neon even looks good on a maxi....

... Or short like this neon number. Keep your accessories basic and you'll be a total knockout (80's hair not required!)

I've been looking for a fabulous neon statement necklace to go with my basic white tee and jean cutoffs for summertime. Someone suggested a DIY with neon nail polish and old costume jewelry - how smart!!

Neon Oreos!! So pretty to look at & Yummy to eat!

images via one, two, three, four, five, six, seven


  1. Loving neons!! All of these images are to-die-for (and where do I get the neon oreos?!?!?)

  2. I am so obsessed with neons. they are so pretty. I died when I saw taylor in that dress. I would give anything to look like that and own the dress. Hot. Pinned those oreos. Best ever :)


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