Friday, March 9, 2012

Inspiration: Positive Thinking

What a wonderful week I've had - the best in a while actually. Which was a welcome change for sure! For quite some time now  it seemed that I was just stuck in a rut - like a pile of quicksand. The more I struggled the deeper into the pit I went. Luckily, I have some very special ladies in my life who helped me snap out of it. The funny part is that I didn't really do much of anything. Except change my attitude! Most days it's easy to get bogged down by life's daily challenges and harder to focus on the good happenings. When I saw this quote on Pinterest a few days ago it really spoke to me and reminded me that some days I need to just let it go. We all spend so much time and energy focused on what we can do to further our careers, be a better wife/girlfriend/sister/mother etc... that some times it's OK to just rely on timing and take a break from the path. Stop running at full speed and take a moment to look around at what you've got! It also helps when you give yourself a little pep in your step - kind of like that quote that goes something like "I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination" Pretty powerful stuff when you stop and think about it! So I plan to thoroughly enjoy this weekend by doing little things - taking a walk on the beach, splurging (gasp!) on some delicious food and spending quality time with my hubby. I hope that we can all be reminded to be thankful for this life that we have! So get inspired to change your attitude and enjoy the little things! Happy Friday lovelies!! xoxo

image via my Pinterest board


  1. Such a great lesson and something we can all learn from!! Glad things are looking up for you

  2. I 100% agree with you! I LOVE that quote. Honestly the second I stepped back, let go and CHOSE happiness my life took such a positive direction. I hope you have an awesome weekend and enjoy doing the little things!


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