Friday, July 23, 2010

Mad About You. Mad Men Premieres in 2 days!

Only two more days until we get to see New York's finest advertising executives in exquisitely tailored suits, smoking cigarettes and drinking bourbon at 11 in the morning. By the way - how awesome is this promo above? Amazing.. everyone working on this show is beyond talented. I am so excited not only for the premiere itself but for the change in fashion that will be happening. To me, the mid 60's are a rebirth of fashion (among other things) It means sleek silhouettes, brocade (God I LOVE brocade), bright colors, shorter hair and bold eye makeup. I know it won't be an instantaneous change but I know we will start seeing beginnings. Check out these photos I have been constantly stalking. They are absolute perfection. 

Love me some Joan Holloway... She is devine.

Isn't this one of Betty just absolute gorgeousness....

See what I mean about the brocade and colors... Love Love Love!!!!

Also in honor of Mad Men mania - you can create your own Mad Men character here. Mine comes complete with Betty's equstrian gear, a lit cigarette and a shopping bag. Also take the Mad Men quiz to see which character you are.

images via AMC and AMC photo gallery

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