Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Very Own Don Draper

Right now I am on a plane and headed to the Big Apple! I love everything about NYC and in honor of my trip I wanted to share some news. On Wednesday Mattel announced their plans to launch a line of Barbie dolls based on the series "Mad Men". Along with those sharp suits and high heels, accessories like pearls and hats will be available with the dolls. However no martini glasses or cigarettes, which are everyday accessories for the men and women on the show. At only $74.95 you too can own your very own limited edition Don Draper or Roger Sterling (or as several of my girlfriends like to call him - The Silver Fox). The dolls will be launched in July of this year. However after looking at this photo I think Joan Holloway looks pretty spot on - You can't miss that sultry/seductive look she's giving. And Betty's dress? I'll take one in my size please! By the way, if you haven't watched Mad Men yet, you still have time to catch up before Season 4 starts in July. And I highly suggest you do.

image via the consumerist

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