Monday, January 4, 2010

Awards Season!

As this holiday season comes to a close - another season is upon us: Awards Season 2010! This is my absolute favorite time (next to fashion weeks) for the star's fashion choices. While I enjoy watching the shows themselves, the Red Carpet is what I get the most excited about. I think its the anticipation of what my favorite stars will be donning the nights they are recognized for their achievements. And it's all starting this week with the People's Choice Awards! Then Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Grammys, then the superbowl of awards - The Oscars. :) Plus fashion week is thrown in there too - so it will  make for an exciting next 3 months! :)

Although I have been a bit behind on the posts lately (We are headed home for 9 days to visit with family!) I will really try to post more often per week and better posts. I never do any kind of New Year's resolutions but I try to make an effort to do things better than I do them now. :) A few things on my list: keep my house cleaner than I usually do, make newer recipes instead of reverting back to ones I have already mastered, at least make an effort to hit the gym every once in a while, and keep in better touch with friends and family. Hope you had a fabulous New Year's celebration. :) xoxo

photo courtsey of Suntimes

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