Friday, December 25, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

Merry Christmas! I love this time of year and today is the last to celebrate all the twinkling lights, sounds of the season, the food (oh the food!) and of course the smell of a fresh tree! I have always had a fresh cut Christmas tree and this year Billy picked an amazing one! But I loved this gorgeous, over the top, amazing, faux pink tree! Talk about a girly christmas! it has a very 50's look with the big ornaments and the big bulb lights. It's from the Queen of crafts - Martha Stewart (who I secretly love to watch!!!) Here are a few more holiday pink details from Martha Stewart that I love:

these are the ornaments on the pink tree above. I love their unique look, the sparkly butterflies and the fact that you can make them! find out how you put these together here.

These glitter wax candles would be my dream centerpiece for christmas dinner. And I am in love with this icy dewdrop bouquet. That would look fabulous on your front table when you great holiday guests. d-i-y directions here and here.

ok - a butterfly wreath? whhhaattt? I'm in total fantasy land. how beautiful would this be hanging on your door? it would make you feel like a christmas princess every time you came home. you too can create this.

This year we moved right in the middle of December and around Billy's birthday. I'm hoping next year that we can have a holiday party and I can use some of these ideas for decorations! :) Hope everyone had a Wonderful Christmas!!! xoxo

all images via martha stewart

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