Saturday, November 21, 2009

Project Runway Finale

photo courtesy of Zimbio
I love love love LOVE project runway. Even though I have absolutely no clue what to do with a sewing machine it's so much fun to watch the design process. I love seeing the designers sketch an idea, watch them make the outfit, complete it and send it down the runway. There is something so awesome about being able to witness these creative geniuses work. Plus, Heidi Klum is just ridiculously stunning and can do no wrong. This definitely wasn't my favorite season but I did enjoy a lot of the designers and their creative personalities. Ra'mon Lawrence was an early favorite of mine and I was hoping he would have made it to the end but that hideous scaly lizard idea had him "auf'd" a lot early than most people were anticipating. After that I just though Carol Hannah was absolutely adorable and I was obsessed with this dress:
photo courtesy of MyLifetime
I loved a handful of Althea's looks but there was no "Favorite" pick of mine throughout the rest of the competition. I wasn't very fond of Irina but mainly because she was pretty beotchy. However the girl's got talent. I was obsessed with those cozy sweaters. So glam and luxe! And she definitely put on a show at Bryant Park. I was totally loving those futuristic equestrian hats she was sending out:
photo courtesy of MyLifetime
So in the end I think they all did a fantastic job. I really like Carol Hannah's collection - but Irinia certianly went the extra mile with her accessories. I would have loved a little bit more color too like Nina Garcia said but overall her collection proved she should have won.
But perhaps one of my favorite parts of this season was the Model show after PR. In the first season (for all your PR fans before everyone jumped on the bandwagon) They showed a lot more of the desingers interactions with the models, confessionals with the models and just their roles as part of PR. (I mean who could forget that crazy model Morgan who fought with the designers like contstantly?) So I was really excited when they brought back that part of the show. I thought Katie was a great model and Vanessa was a favorite of mine (she had those amazing lips!) But Tanisha was the best model by far. She rocked practically every look she was given and looked gorgeous doing it!
photo courtesy of Fishin' For Fashion
Even though this season is over we won't have to wait very long for the next one to begin! It premires January 14 at 10pm et/pt on the Lifetime network - less than 2 months away! Yay! :) I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! xoxo

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