Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tracy Anderson Workouts for Less!!

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis DVD Program - 90 days - $69 (originally 110)

I get a lot of questions about my workout and how much I like it. Truth be told, I love it. No actually.. I am obsessed with it. It's totally changed my workout philosophy. A few weeks ago, I explained to you guys exactly what I do for my workout. Now, true to budget shopping form, I am excited to share that Tracy Anderson's products are on Gilt for a fraction of what they normally cost.
So if you have been wondering about purchasing her products, now is the time to do it! Diving into Metamorphosis is so amazing and life changing. I'm telling you that you will not regret it. And for this price, you really can't say no. If you already are working through months 1-3, don't worry. There are a ton of other Tracy Anderson products on sale!
Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Continuity - Months 4-12 - $135 (originally $219)
After completing the first 90 days, it's time to move on to Continuity. Yay! Months 4-12 come together as a set with 3 brand new cardio DVDs to switch your routine up. I love the one where she's wearing green pants. It's my favorite one to dance to!
Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Continuity Year 2 - Months 13 - 24 - $159 (originally $309)
Talk about a deal!!!!!!!!
Now that you've been on Metamorphosis for a full year it's time to start Year 2! Months 13-24 come all together and are really such an amazing deal compared to buying them full price. Plus, you get an additional 3 dance cardio DVDs! Which means you now have 7 cardios to choose from. And trust me, that will make a difference in enjoying the dancing portion of your workout.
Tracy Anderson Total Body Mini Trampoline Workout DVD & Trampoline - $59 (originally 96)
Tracy's newest workout is her Total Body Mini Trampoline DVD. I've never used it before but I have watched the DVD and it actually looks super fun. Will definitely workout all parts of your body - not just your legs!
Tracy Anderson "The Pregnancy Project" and Post-Pregnancy 2 DVDs - $49 (originally 80)
Though I have no intention of getting pregnant anytime soon, whenever I do I am super excited that Tracy has a program for that too! Her "Pregnancy Project" DVD has 9 workouts, 1 for every month that you are rocking your belly. Then, after the baby is born and once your Doctor gives you the go ahead to start exercising, her "Post-Pregnancy 2 Workout Series" DVD is bound to whip you in shape and get you back on track!
Tracy Anderson Exclusive Complete Workout Package - $69 (originally $139)
Lastly, in order to get through the DVD's you'll need some equipment! What you get is 1 mat, 2 purple resistance bands, wrist weights, ankle weights, water bottle & mini ball (The only missing from this package are the 3 pounds dumbbells you need for all metamorphosis workouts) Between Tracy's specific movements and these pieces of equipment, you're about to make magic happen with your body.
So there you have it. Whether you've drank the Tracy Kool-Aid (like me) or just thinking about dipping your toes in the shallow end, you really can't beat these Gilt Deals. Let me know if you end up purchasing anything and if you like it! If not - I might end up buying it from you. What...? You never know when you need a back-up! :)
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  1. i DEFINITELY want to check out that post-pregnancy workout!!!

  2. i almost bought this on Gilt yesterday!! So much hype around her I definitley want to try.

  3. I'm stopping by from Aloha Friday Blog Hop. I'm now following you please follow back when you get the time Evoluchun's Miscellaneous

  4. That's an awesome deal!! I've been wanting to get the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis set for a while but had settled for her $10 dvd that Target has. That one has been great!

  5. You may have just sold me!!! I need a really great at-home workout routine. I did Insanity for about six months, but it's really something you can keep up with on regular basis (it KILLS my kness and ankles). Thanks for the tip :) Stopping by from the Aloha Blog Hop, and I'd love for you to drop by and enter my giveaway if you get the chance. Happy Sunday!

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