Monday, July 1, 2013

Staying Fit & In Style with Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson "I Heart Tracy" Tank in Grey & Navy // Tracy Anderson "I Heart Tracy" Black Leggings // 3 pound Pink Handweights // Tune Belt AB83 Sport Armband // Yurbuds Pink "Inspire" Earbuds // Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson "Omni-centric" workout system // Tracy Anderson Method Mat // Tracy Anderson Multi-Color Polka Dot Leggings 
I'm not exactly what one would call a workout buff... in fact up until 2 years I really hated exercising. That was until I discovered Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis. Enter a life changing relationship with working out. With the help of TA and her DVD's, I do it at least an hour a day up to 6 days a week. And, shockingly, I don't hate it!! In fact I really love it. I also love that I can take my workouts anywhere - even on vacation and trips (I know - who would have thought!)
The other best part about Metamorphosis is that you don't need that much to do the workout! As far as actual equipment, all Tracy asks you to use is a yoga mat and a set of 3 pound weights. That's it! The rest of the time you're using your own body - it's pretty amazing.
For me to get through that hour though, I need bright colors. I absolutely love the pants that Tracy recently added to her collection. And as much of a budget shopper that I am, spending a bit extra on workout gear is totally worth it. I always make sure that I'm wearing at least one bright item so that when I see a peek-a-boo of neon from my socks or spy my pink pants in the gym mirror, it gives me a little burst of energy to keep going (true story) Check out this look I sported a few weeks ago! I've also discovered to leave behind super tight tanks or tops and instead embrace soft cotton that's breathable and comfortable.
Although Metamorphosis is based on working out in your living room, I need an extra boost of motivation. So I take my computer down to our apartment's gym and create a little space to complete my workout. I get a lot of funny looks since it's not what one would consider a "traditional" workout. But after 3 weeks of my body tightening and muscles I never knew I had showing up, I could care less how many stares come my way. But, this means I need an awesome pair of headphones to blast Rihanna and an armband to hold my phone. These pink Yurbud headphones are the best pair I have ever used. I swear I have the tiniest ears ever and these buds don't slip or fall out no matter how much I sweat or bounce around. They're phenom!!!
So that's what I need to get my sweat on - what's your favorite way to workout??


  1. I despise working out and her videos are the only workout video I like. Randomly the post-maternity workout (I have never had a baby) is one of my favorites.

    The Fashionable ESQ (Esquire)

  2. I'm italian and I'm 56. After 25 years of gym, I found out Tracy's method, that I practice every day with best results than ever.
    Tracy, how about a cardio low impact session for old ladies like me?

    1. You should check out Tracy Anderson's rebounder to do your cardio workouts on.

    2. Or her mini trampoline DVD - I've heard that is good for people who can't do the regular dance cardio!

  3. I've completed the TA Method 30 Day Challenge, and am into Day 1 Omni Metatmorphosis. Love Tracy Anderson! She really kicks your @$$, and results are amazing! Won't do anything else!

  4. I love Tracy Anderson. I am on Year 2 Meta and I love it! I do it every morning before work 6 days a week. I will definitely need to check out those headphones you mentioned.


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