Friday, March 15, 2013

The Beginning of the End [photos]

So before we move back east, Bill and I decided that we wanted to visit our favorite places here and around in L.A. We started last week by visiting Disneyland, Santa Anita & Las Vegas. Here's just a few of our photos from those adventures! Oh & make sure you're following me on instagram or Facebook to keep up with our favorite spots!
I had to get a pretzel at Disneyland - especially when I saw it was shaped like Mickey's face!

Visiting Santa Anita with our good friend Amy

My best equestrian look for a day at the races

Night 1 in Vegas - Black & White

We splurged and ending up seeing the Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil show. 1 word - Amazeballs.

Me & Bill at Beatles Love - I promise he owns more than 2 red plaid shirts ;)

Headed to the Eiffel Tower restaurant at Paris - notice what's on my feet?! Yes sir! I found these babies! ahhhhhh!
Next up is Hawaii! We've never been and I am so freaking excited!! If anyone has any suggestions about what to do - please send them to us! We're visiting Kaua'i and I think we've already got a helicopter tour planned... Eeeeek! Happy weekend everyone!! xo


  1. Looks like you've been having so much fun lately! And I'm jealous that you're off to Hawaii next! I've been a few times and always leave feeling homesick for it. Neve been to Kauai so I wouldn't know what to tell you to do other than snorkel and try the fresh pineapple :)

  2. The Beatles Love show is the best!! Totally jealous of Hawaii!!!

  3. Wow sounds amazing! Have fun in Hawaii :)

  4. beauty post!!

  5. Love the Peplum top and leggings!
    Laura. xx


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