Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wanted: Prabal Gurung for Target Lace Up Pumps

The ones that got away! Nolita Print Multi-Color Lace Up Pumps from the Prabal Gurung for Target collection

I really shouldn't even be posting this... I got everything I wanted and more on Sunday when the Prabal Gurung for Target line went on sale.. (see this blurry insta photo from my haul) But these gorgeous multi-color babies just slipped through my fingers early Sunday AM when I went to add them to my bag.. and devastation... Size 6... sold out..... sigh...
So even though my little heart should be content with all the floral & kaleidoscope goodness I did get my hands on.. I can't help but yearn for these neon gorgies. I'm not giving up on them quite yet (remember when I was searching high and low for this bad boy? Successfully found!) So I'll be on the lookout 24/7 and putting scouts to work in different cities too ;)
Oh & if you happen to not want to the pair you bought.. size 6.. Let me know and I will gladly take those off your hands! And no I won't be purchasing them from you for some crazy obscene amount.. I've already seen 1 pair on ebay for $150... but I will pay you for them, plus a little something extra. Can you help a sister out?!
image via Target


  1. After the Neiman Marcus/Target collab, where they literally had tons of backstock of everything and it all went on sale for 70% off a month or so later, I felt like I could wait on the Prabal Gurung line for a few days because I was busy Sunday. But I keep hearing EVERYONE say that tons of sizes are being sold out in this line! I'm so sad!

  2. I still haven't gone to my Target or heard of anyone who has checked it out recently here so I might go check it out tomorrow just to look at everything in person (if anything is left) and I will most definitely scoop these up for you in a 6 if they have them!

    1. That would be amazinggggg! They were online exclusive but if you find them that would seriously be amazinggg!

  3. The online only shoes went SO fast. I snagged two pairs of sandals I wantes but they are too big :-( and no smaller sizes to exchange them for! Boo


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