Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Messy Project February 2013

I am literally jumping out of my printed pants because of today's post - yes it's that exciting! Over the summer I discovered Kelly's blog Messy Dirty Hair and fell in love with her honest and open approach to everything. Whether it's fashion, beauty, music or just life in general, she's always bringing a slice of humor and realness to her posts. So when I was asked to participate in Kelly's baby, #TheMessyProject for February, of course I jumped at the chance. What's #TheMessyProject you ask?
The Deal:
1 Item
5 Girls
5 Different Looks
1 Major Blog Post Day
The main goal here is to showcase that we can embrace our differences and make a fashion statement with our OWN style. In short, Kelly sends each of us the same article of clothing and we all style it differently. I must admit that I was a bit nervous before getting my item - what if I don't make it creative enough?! But as soon as I got this nude high-low dress in the mail I was stoked. So many possibilities with this baby right? Take a look at what I came up with:

Dress: Forever 21
Sweater: H&M (old)
Shoes: Sole Society
Purse: DSW
Hat: My Dad's
Nails: Sally Hansen "Pacific Blue"
I absolutely loved this high-low frock but I wanted to dress it down a bit - make it more casual. Our L.A. weather has been so fickle lately so layering is key around here. I turned the dress into a skirt (one of my favorite styling tips by the way) and paired it with my go-to sparkly silver sweater. Then I played up the neutral palate with some brown ankle booties, a pink/nude necklace and this gem of a fedora I took from my dad's closet. My favorite part about this outfit? It can be worn fall or spring - super transitional! Oh and not to mention comfy!
And if you follow me on instagram you already know how much I heart this fabulous blue nail polish. It's so amazingggggg! I keep getting tons of comments on the color. Thanks again Kelly for a fabulous challenge! And don't forget to stop by the other ladies' blogs to see how they styled their dress!

Amanda * The Pretty Pinhead
Kathrin * ShopSchoolSleep
Mils * Mila Rose Designs
Kelly * Dirty Messy Hair

And don't forget to enter my giveaway to win this fabulous GiGi New York Clutch! Or you can use the code DAZZLE for 20% off any purchase!

Isn't she a beaut? You can get her personalized & everything if you win! 20 chances so make sure you enter before the 25th! Happy Wednesday everyone! xoxo
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  1. LOVE how you styled this!! Fun month, pretty dress!!

  2. I definately prefer your style the best! Much more my style! :)

  3. very cool idea and what a unique and fun project :) great look :) im a little partial to urs!!

    XO Meghan

  4. i like what you did with this piece:)

  5. Super cute! I love putting sweaters/tops over dresses - it basically turns it into a skirt and you get twice the wear out of it!

  6. Love how you dressed the outfit down, super cute idea!

    Great hat too!

  7. You came up with 100% great how you mixed that pretty hat with a sweet outfit!!!


  8. I LOVE the So Cal cool vibe!! It's definitely a great "winter" look and I normally dislike booties, but these totally go with the outfit!! I'm stealing this look!! haha

  9. I love that you kinda 'winterized' the dress! Looks geat!!

  10. I REALLY like the way you styled this!

  11. love this look!! that hat is perfect with the look:) xoxo

  12. Awesome styling! I love how you kept it all neutral and your accessories are perfect. That nail polish color is to die for. Thanks for linking up!

  13. Love the look. You styled it so well!

  14. OMG I love how you styled it! I had been getting a little sick of hi-low styles, but this is fresh!! And obvy, your bracelet looks too perfect!

  15. Love this idea. I am feeling the way you styled this!

  16. What a fabulous idea! It's always great to see how other people style the same things. Such great perspective! Love this color scheme and the lounge-y silhouettes. Nice!

    Cable Car Couture

  17. This is interesting!!!! Great post!!!

    THE ╳╳ CODE || b l o g

  18. I absolutely love this asymmetrical hem line and that clutch is gorgeous!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  19. I adore the whole hi-lo look fabulous. I love the soft pink paired with the brown booties! Great job - and you got some great legs lady! ;) Can't wait to see what the other ladies put together...what a fun challenge!

  20. perfection. I don't know what else to say because I am obsessed!! Everything is just so perfect. I love how well the statement necklace matches the dress. The hat is my favorite. The blue nail polish adds such a fun color to the whole look, I love it. I am so glad you turned the dress into a skirt because not many people think to do that & you pulled it off so perfectly. And is this your house?!? all you shabby chic vintage decor is AMAZINGGGGG!!! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect job. Thank you for all your hard work & I hope you'll play again!!! XOXO

  21. you so win. youve got STYLE, girl.

  22. This is so on point with the fashion! Great job!

  23. You look fantastic! I love the hi-lo skirt and the jewelry is perfect!

  24. Seriously so fashion forward!!! A chunky sweater with a light weight chiffon fabric "skirt" You nailed it! Love ure style!

  25. LOVE it with the grey sweater. So adorable.

  26. love the outfit, you look great!! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog.. and helping me find yours! :)

  27. I absolutely love the way you styled this!!! So adorable!!

    xo, Courtney

  28. Ohhh I love how you layered this. And let's be honest, this sweater looks like something I could live in.

    Loves :-)

    TheStylist LA

  29. Nikki,
    My beautiful, sweet friend, I LOVE this look! The hat looks absolutely perfect on you. Very cool... love the booties too. So, when are you coming this way and when are you coming this way to stay??
    Happy Friday!


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