Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Copy Cat Closet: Winter Neon

When Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode contacted me a few weeks ago to host a Copy Cat Closet linkup, I was ecstatic!! If you haven't heard of CCC before, you've got to join in on the fun! So each Thursday a challenge is sent out with something specific to try to copy. Then the following Wednesday you come back to Natalia or Kelley and link up your outfit! (p.s. you don't have to be a blogger to do this! Just link up an instagram photo or a link with a photo of yourself in your look!)
It's so awesome to be challenged each week and it really forces me to shop my closet too! When she said I got to pick the challenge I knew immediately what I wanted to do. Yep you guessed it - Neon! So here are two looks I put together specifically for the challenge:



1st Look:
Neon Pink Tee: Gap (old)
Jeans: Express (old)
Leopard Loafers: Target
Scarf: Zara
Watch: Caravelle by Bulova c/o LuckyFABB
2nd Look:
Neon Yellow Blazer: Zara (old - similar)
Dress: Express (old)
Knuckle Clutch: Arbonne "Comet Cosmetic"
Booties: Jessica Simpson (old)
Obviously you guys know I'm obsessed with neon. So this wasn't too difficult for me. I just paired both my neons with neutrals or basics so that they'd be the stand out piece. I love dressing down this blazer (wore it with cutoffs here) but it's a super fun going out option as well. Pairing it with a LBD was perfect. Also, neon pink & leopard are totally considered neutrals in my wardrobe (I should be embarrassed how many of each I have... but I'm not!) I wore that look during a casual shopping trip at the promenade last week. For more neon winter outfits I've recently worn see this & this
So if you want to link up your outfit - please do so below! I seriously can't wait to see what you ladies do! I have some tips for wearing neon too: 
  • If you’re a bit nervous about venturing into Neon… start small! An accessory like a bag or a belt is always easy and something anyone can try.
  • Pick neon colors that you love. I’m obsessed with pink in general so I tend to always be attracted towards oranges, pinks & yellows. If you don’t love the color you won’t love your outfit!
  • Stick to a neutral palette for the rest of your look. Nude shoes, white tees, chambray shirts & boyfriend jeans are always a great companion to neon.
  • Don’t be scared! I rocked 2 neons together and got SO many compliments. The #1 rule when wearing neon – be confident and smile! People will love your outfit if they know you love it!

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  1. I love neon and I love all of your outfits! They're so bright and cheerful!

  2. neon is my favorite!

  3. I love how you mixed it up with two different outfits in alternating order this post!

    -Brittany of @suburbchicblog

  4. Hey girl! I love your outfits! You definately know how to rock the neon. I like your hair too. I'm kind of debating whether or not I should venture out and try the ombre look. I know it looks really good on long hair, but mine comes just past my shoulders...not sure if I could pull it off but I'm bored with my current look! Do you think it would work for medium length hair? Is it low maintenance (I need low/med maintenance)?
    Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Yes! You can TOTALLY rock short hair with ombre.. check out Alexa Chung for inspo - she's one of the first ones who starting wearing it and her hair is short!

  5. All of the neons are awesome! Can't wait to link up. Stopping by from The Style Elixir!


  6. Loving the winter neons! That skeleton scarf is adorable!

    New follower from Style Elixir!!

    All Things Alisa

  7. Love that neon pink!!

  8. Love love love the colors! And your hair is SICK! (and I mean that in an amazing way hehe)

  9. Gah!!! I am in L O V E with neon lately. I have more neon accessories than I do clothes because well... I don't pull off neon as beautifully as you do my dear!! Loving the day glow colors. It really brightens up even the dreariest of days!!

    Hope you're having a lovely week. Thanks for stopping by my blog.



  10. Neon rocks! It looks great with your hair and skin tone. I love how you let it be the star of the show in these looks. Thanks for linking up!

  11. I love these neon pieces! I'm a little scared of it, but it looks amazing on you.

  12. I am really into neon too! I just purchased a bright pink neon cardigan after Christmas and it has quickly become a favorite. Your yellow jacket is fabulous! Don't you just love those leopard loafers from Target too? I have the same pair and wear them to death. Heather

  13. I have always been so afraid to take the neon plunge! I love how you let the neon pieces stand out! I recently bought an orange neon shirt, and seeing all your outfits is giving me the courage to finally wear it :)

  14. I love the neon looks here, and they soooo have me wishing for spring! I started a giveaway today, I'd love if you'd check it out :)

  15. I love the idea of neons in winter! My favorite outfit is the black dress with yellow jacket.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm now following you on GFC :)

    Katie @ Style Diary

  16. I love your yellow jacket!


  17. The leopard loafers in the first outfit are great! I must go check out my local target.
    Love the knuckle clutch in the second outfit! I have been wanting one of these.

    Great blog. Hope you can check out mine at

    We can follow each other?!


  18. I love winter neon, in fact my post today is neon and animal print, take a look if you get a chance.
    Dawn xoxo

  19. First of all, I am obsessed with the title of your blog; so clever! Also, I love your style and your experimentation with color. Newest fan! Stopping by from the Aloha Blog Hop :) Have a fabulous weekend.

    Diary of a Debutante

  20. Love love love! I am in love with your outfits! I need more neon in my life! haha! :)

  21. Winter neon!! What a fabulous topic!! I ventured into my first full neon shirt a couple of days ago, you'd be proud!!! Lol :) I want this Zara neon JACKET you are wearing!!!!! Love this post! :)
    - Tiffany

  22. What a neat link up! Love all your neon looks!

  23. I love your site! Very unique and always up on the latest trends. Will you check mine out as well & save it to your favorites? I am featuring a giveaway for a beautiful head piece if you have a second to enter :)

    XO Stephanie from Beautiful to the Core


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