Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Outfit Idea: Game Day Ready

Old Navy Women's Football Tees. Women's Football Wear. Football Apparel for Women.

Yes, I am a girly girl - give me sparkles and tulle any day of the week and I'm set. But 1 tomboy phase I never, ever gave up is my love for sports. ESPN is on a constant loop in our house and I swear it gets more airtime than Bravo, Style, Lifetime & Food Network combined. Pre-season football finally started last week and suddently, it feels like all is right with the world.

So imagine my giddy excitement when I discovered that Old Navy has some amazing NFL & College tee options for ladies! While I adore the College PINK section from Victoria's Secret, these tees are under $22 bucks - perfect for your budget. OK, so they're a bit basic but I think the fit of them are super feminine and flattering. The perfect piece to throw on with my skinny jeans and boots while sharing a pitcher of beer with Bill and watching a game screaming at the TV. Ahhhh football season... is there anything better??

P.S. they have TONS of baby and men's options too - so dress your little one/lover in your alma mater!

P.P.S aaaannnndd they have MATERNITY options! For all your lovely preggos out there - score one just in time for kickoff!


  1. I'm ready! I'm ready!!! So excited to football season!

  2. I am SO excited for football season (although at the same time, I never want summer to end), so I always love finding cuter things to wear too! VS definitely has great choices (and just as a little PSA, they also sell MLB apparel, and both the football & baseball clothes always go on crazy sale at the end of the season, both on VS's website and usually on the team's licensed apparel/fanshop website too! I picked up a few Cubs/Sox shirts last year for like $10 each in September/October!) As for football, we're all Da Bearsssss fans over here :) So glad you have the same tv monopoly issues in your house - I swear NFL & MLB network are funded solely by my husband!

  3. The fact that football season is here makes me oh-so-happy and what makes it EVEN better are all of the cute options out there. Great recommendations! I'm ready for some football!!


  4. Gotta love f-ball season!



  5. LOVVVE this post!! So excited for football season and I had NO idea they have football stuff at old navy, ah-mazinggg.

    TheStylist LA


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