Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Video: The Girl Behind The Blog - Begin, Accomplish, Change

Good Wednesday morning! Today, I'm linking up for a fabulous Vlog assignment and my first video party with The Girl Behind The Blog!


Hosting this fabulous series is Ashley from 5ohwifey & Lindsay from Trial by Sapphire. The topic they asked us to vlog about this month is: One thing you hope to begin, accomplish or change. I discovered this project from fabulous beauty bloggers, A Brunette Duet, last week while they were preparing their video. I thought all week about what I wanted to say and... well, here it is!!

Can't wait to see what you guys are vlogging about and what goals you're setting! Thanks again Lindsay & Ashley for the link up! xoxo


  1. This is such a GREAT goal! I felt like you were reading my mind when you were talking about your giant DIY Pinterest board! So many great ideas - not enough motivation for me to do them! I'm looking forward to seeing what you accomplish! - Hopefully it will encourage me to do a few projects as well! :)


  2. You are so beautiful!! I always pin DIY projects but rarely do it. I feel like I should try one DIY every 2 weeks. Maybe we should hold each other accountable to it!

  3. First of all - love your hair! So pretty :)
    And girl, I am with you on pushing to do more DIY projects!
    I have SO MANY pinned but haven't done a single one.

    So what are we waiting for?!


  4. I have to say, I love your hair! I've never had long hair--don't have the patience for it, but I admire yours! Have fun with your future crafting!

  5. I'm SO bad about documenting DIY projects! I'll start one, then halfway through, I'm like CRAP! I forgot to take a pictures! =\ can't wait to see yours - I'm loving your personal & decor style! new follower! :)

  6. Nik, I was the same way until we got the house then I have been doing DIY projects non-stop! Something that has helped me is to go to the craft store with 2 or 3 projects in mind, get all of the supplies, then get crafting the next day. Sometimes the sheer task of getting all the supplies overwhelms me so I always opt for the next day to put my craftiness to work.

    Can't wait to see what projects you do!


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