Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Video: The Great Gatsby Trailer

It's here! Finally! The trailer for the new "The Great Gatsby film" was just released. I had to tell myself to "breathe" over and and over again while watching it. And I will be watching it non-stop until it premieres in December 2012.

Baz Lurmann is a creative genius. No - a Cinematic Einstein if you will. The music selection? Ridiculously amazing. Jack White & Jay-Z for a movie set in 1922...? Brilliant. The clothes, the glitz, the glamour, the darkness. Fabulous. All of it. It's like I've stepped back in time into AP English and my love affair with the book has started all over again (not to mention my heart still beats for that blonde haired DiCaprio). Christmas cannot come soon enough. You're welcome! xoxo

image via The Guardian UK

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  1. Oh my goddddd I can't wait for this movie! The book is so amazing!


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