Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Search For The Perfect Hi-Low Skirt

I've been searching high and low (ok... so I couldn't help myself!) for a fabulous hi-low skirt to wear during these spring and summer months. You know the kind - party in the front, business in the back? This asymmetrical choice has been on my mind non-stop and in true BAD form, I'm determined to find a budget friendly piece. I thought I had lucked out with a pleated teal find from Zara, but couldn't bring myself to pay $60 bucks for it.

I'm also not exactly sure what kind to get - there are so many prints and fabrics to choose from? Do I go with a tangerine/coral color because it's "THE" color of the moment or do I stick with a neutral palette. What about prints or lace? What do you lovelies think?  Stay tuned BAD readers... hopefully one of these babies will show up in an outfit post... That is, if I can find one! Happy Tuesday!


  1. I bought a gorgeous high/low skirt by Sanctuary from Nordstrom. It's a great mint color (which I'm considering neutral) ;)

    1. Yes! Mint is fabulous and totally a neutral - need to see an outfit post ASAP of you in it! ;)

  2. the white one looks fantastic! xx



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