Monday, April 23, 2012

Gloomy Weekend [photos]

I have a definite case of the "Monday's" today! Along with terrible weekend weather that was supposed to be better than stellar, I feel a sickness coming on! :( Here's a few shining snapshots from my weekend that definitely put a smile on my face.

Thursday night we met some past & present co-workers at Father's Office to catch up. I finally had a burger from there and it was delish!

The forecast for this weekend to bring super amazing beach days with 80+ temps and sunshine. Too bad it was windy, cloudy and rainy the entire weekend :( We only lasted a few hours on the sand before heading home.

Saturday night was date night at one of my favorite LA restaurants - Katsuya. They have the best cocktails - Evergreen Fizz for me, Burning Mandarin for Bill!

At least gloomy weather meant snuggling close with this little guy!

Here's a sneak peek of Saturday's date night attire and upcoming outfit post - I can't get enough of these fabulous sandals!

Hope your weekend was lovely! xoxo

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