Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Obsession: Floral Pants

Floral Pant Trend

Trendspotting time! Lately I've been spotting these floral print pants and I can't stop thinking about them! Everyone from bloggers to celebrities are testing the waters which tells me these babies won't be fading anytime soon. I've got some helpful tips to keep you more Gorgeous than Grandma. I guarantee you that you'll want to add them into your wardrobe rotation!

The best thing about this look is that the pieces you'll want incorporate are probably already hanging in your closet! Since the print is the main focus stick to solid tops when building your ensemble. Never hesitate with a black or white shirt. But if you're feeling adventuresome, like the ladies pictured above, reach for a brightly colored tee. Pick one that complements the hues in your floral pattern without being too matchy-matchy. Next layer on a clean cut and tailored blazer (extra points for color!!) For shoes you could go one of 2 ways. The first is a basic pump. Olivia is sporting a leopard pair that plays on the mixed print trend, while Krystal at This Time Tomorrow stuck to classic black. This style adds to the ladylike charm. However, it doesn't hurt to show a little skin either. After all we want this look to be not so old fashioned! I adore those bright green sandals that Jessica Alba chose - just a hint of ankle vamps up the whole outfit. See how easy that was?

As usual, I've chosen some fabulous look for less options including a pair from H&M - $15! What do you guys think - will you be sporting this flower power trend anytime soon! I sure hope so - I can't wait to grab my own pair! Happy Tuesday!


  1. I am obsessed with that outfit of Olivia's!! How does she always have such great outfits? I'm seriously baffled by it, because in my eyes, her outfits are almost always spot on.

    Great post...so into colored/floral pants right now.

    TheStylist LA

    1. I know!! She kills it everytime.. I have total style envy for her...

  2. I like...especially the H&M find!

  3. Can I just be Olivia? I am obsessed with that look. Krystal is one of my most favorite style bloggers. She is risky, creative and rocks things that blow my mind. I am loving florals but refuse to buy anything until I hit my weight goal! YOU could totally rock these! The H&M pair is darling!


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