Monday, October 24, 2011

Lusting After: Leopard Smoking Flats

Thought we could start Monday off with something lovely that's on my current wish list! These adorable leopard smoking flats/loafers have been spotted all over the blog circuit lately. I too have been struck by this new twist on the latest leopard craze. However shelling out almost $300 for a pair won't be happening anytime soon so I'm determined to find a look for less. I'll be sure to post the options when I find them. In the mean time... aren't they so pretty! Happy Monday! xoxo

image via JCrew

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  1. FINALLY found mine at TJMax (Steve Madden) for $16! No way would I spend almost $300 for these! Now just trying to think of ways to incorporate it into outfits...I can't think like you!


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