Thursday, August 11, 2011

Steal Her Look For Less: Camilla Belle in Express

Camilla Belle attends a Coldplay concert in an Express Tribal Print Maxi Dress

Summer is still in full force and before we hit September (Fashion week!) I thought it was time for another edition of Steal Her Look For Less. Or in this case - you can actually buy her look! The lovely and gorgeous Camilla Belle showed up to a Coldplay concert last week wearing this Express maxi dress:

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love it when celebs wear affordable style! With maxi dress continuing to be a trend you better hop on this train if you haven't already! They're my new favorite item and I literally can't stop wearing them. Camilla topped off the rest of her look with a red Chanel crossbody, some pretty floral sandals, a few bangles and layered necklaces. This is a look that you can easily re-create for your next summer outing that will have you looking great without feeling over styled. Plus crossbody handbags are my new favorite thing obsession. They free up your arms up to do whatever you need them for (drinking you champagne, holding stacks of clothes/shoes you plan on buying - whatever!) but still add a cool element to your outfit. While you may not be able to afford Camilla's Chanel bag (unless you're willing to shell out a few thousand...) I found some great options that will still have you rolling in style. Tell me what you think:

I know that if you try this out you'll look just a great if not better than Camilla! :) Happy Thursday everyone! xoxo
1st image via InStyle; 2nd image via Express

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