Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Tried It: Ombré Hair Color Part Deux

As much as I love to try unique fashion, new beauty trends and fun hairstyles I usually am a MAJOR baby when it comes to changing my hair. I used to color my hair red/auburn about 12 years ago and I once chopped off over 10 inches of locks my sophomore year of college. But that's about as far as it goes when it comes to drastic change. I'm still that girl who goes to the salon and says "Only 1/4 of an inch please" But when 2011 came around I was determined to make this year fun and different. In part of this "Year of Change" I took a major leap and decided to have my hair professionally colored. I ended up absolutely loving the ombré effect on my hair. However, there were a few issues I noticed afterwards. First, she only colored the bottom half of my hair so it was mostly just peaking through the top pieces. Almost none of the outer hair layers were colored. She also did huge streaky chunks instead of blending the color throughout the pieces. Don't get me wrong - I still loved the change and for a color-virgin it was a great introduction. But 6 months later I'm officially bitten by the dye-bug. I've been itching to get it re-done and for it to be correct! Since my birthday is Friday (Eeeee! I'll be 25!!!) I thought I would gift myself with a little present. So, long story short, I got a recommendation from the owner of the same salon I went to back in January and this time I was definitely not let down!! Check it out...!

  Side shot and back shot of ombré hair color

{Again - I am sorry for the awful pictures! The more "I Tried It" pics I take, the more I realize how badly I need a good camera and a stand!}

I ended up being at the salon for 4 hours while my stylist, Ashleigh, had to fix the original color, start on her ombré coloring and also give me a haircut. But it was so worth the time. I can't say enough about how amazing it turned out and how much more I am in love with it than the first time. Looking at these photos and the first ones {here}you can see a complete difference. There is a progression of dark to blonde on all layers - top ones and underneath. Plus the fact that it's blonde just makes me smile from ear to ear. I am 100% sure that after 2 long years I have finally found my hair guru on the west side of LA!!

If you're interested in dipping your toes into this trend I highly recommend you do! And if you're wondering who to go to - Go to Ashleigh at Forme Salon in Santa Monica and tell her that Nikki sent you!! Wherever you go, make sure you ask questions before and while you are at your appointment. Even though I spoke to the first gal several times before my appointment she still wasn't exactly familiar with ombré. It never hurts to speak to the owner or highest stylist and ask who they think is the best choice for what you're looking for. This time I totally trusted Ashleigh since I knew she was very experienced in this style. She also told me it's her favorite one to do so I was in good hands.
Have you tried ombré yet? I'm dying to know if you loved it as much as I did?


  1. LOVE it! You have such amazing hair. I wish mine was that thick and long!

  2. Your hair looks beautiful. Also, is it cool living in LA?

  3. You do have amazing hair :) I like the trend, it looks good on you! I think my hair is too short to try this on, though :-p

  4. It looks AMAZING! Love it--cant wait to see you sport it at the beach :)

  5. Thanks for all your sweet comments! Superwoman - you definitely can try it! google Alexa Chung ombre hair - she helped start the trend and she's got short hair! :)

  6. OMG I love this on you!!! It doesn't look good on everyone, but you definitely wear it very well! I have been dying for a change myself, but can't push myself to do it. I'm a baby too! That's why my hair is wayyy too long.. I am scared to cut it! :)

    Shoes and Jules

  7. Thank you so much Jules! I love it too... if you get brave enough to try it let me know... I'd love to see it. You look like you gave gorgeous hair yourself!!! :)


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