Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Tried It: The Carrie Bradshaw Bun

Carrie Bradshaw with her amazing and larger than life bun

I love and I mean love trying new hairstyles. It's so fun when you can figure out to work something new into one of the best accessories out there - your hair! I'm always wearing my hair in buns and top knots [they're my favorite and soooo easy] but I had yet to experiment with "The Carrie Bun"

If you didn't know what it was before just take a look at the photos above. Basically you take a regular bun and then super size it. So fab. My roommates and I always loved when Carrie would pop on an episode with this hairstyle, rocking it super casual or at major functions like Charlotte's "perfect" wedding/1st breakup with Aidan. The bun was also spotted several times in both SATC movies too - proving to be a true Carrie signature. I've been trying to come up with a hair style for an upcoming wedding but I'm pretty sure I have that one nailed down. However I knew I would need something for other functions (bridal shower, rehearsal dinner etc...) So I thought I'd give this a little practice. Ready to see it??

Front and back shots of my "Carrie Bun"

So big yet so smooth! I'm in love!

This is literally on the first try as well! I definitely want to make a few changes for next time (I think it needs to be much higher) but I am loving the volume it gives versus the regular bun/top knot I usually sport. The best part... it was SO SIMPLE! Like seriously took about 10 minutes - probably that long since it was my first time. This could totally be a 5 minute bun with some more practice. Have you seen those hair gadgets that help you achieve this look (like the hair donut)? Well I am proud to say this is all me baby! No extra shortcuts needed And since my hair-experiment went so well this morning I was feeling extra "Carrie-fied" as I got dressed:

Shirt, Jeans & Flower Pin: Forever 21; Shoes: Sole Society Wylde; Jewelry - Pearls: Thrifted; Watch: ASOS; Dimpled Cuff: Express

{Sans my Black Blazer that I threw on before work}

Still getting used to the outfit shots... but what do you guys think of my hair? I can't wait to practice more and perfect it! Have a lovely Wednesday! xoxo

1st image via MissTrendyKitty; 2nd image via Australian Vogue, 3rd image via BellaSugar

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