Monday, May 16, 2011

I Tried It: Ombré Nail Polish Trend

Ombre Nail Polish Trend in Pink

After Nicole guest posted about Ombré Nails - I have been wanting to try the trend! I decided upon going with a pink color scheme and I set out to put together the most fabulous combination of colors! However after looking through my whole collection (all 52 bottles!) and talking with Katy about my current selections I discovered I need to make one last trip to Target in order to get the correct spectrum of light to dark colors. What I ended up with is the finished product above! I love the look of this - it's so different and super fun! The colors I used are as follows:
My selections for pink ombre nail polish
shades from left to right: OPI Bubble Bath, Sinful Colors Glass Pink (my purchase from Target), OPI Arose at Dawn Broke by Noon [probably my favorite color ever] Sally Hansen Baby Doll, Confetti in Get The Party Started (found at CVS)
Ombre Pink Nails

So what do you guys think? I am totally in love - the next color scheme I want to try is blue. Or I was thinking about trying this Lauren Conrad twist and going from baby pink to RED:
Lauren Conrad's Ombre Nails Pink to Red

How fabulous! Thanks Nicole for a new and exciting suggestion! If you guys try either of Nicole's or Katy's nail suggestions send them me ( I'd love to feature them on the blog! xoxo

last image via Allure


  1. I love this trend so much.. I know my nail girl is going to hate me the next few times around, until my ombre nail obsession fades! LOL :)

  2. This is too cute...I wanna try it now. Hey I'm having a DIY Manicure Party on August 12 for FBFF. Would love for you to link up and share your favorite manicure.


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