Thursday, May 5, 2011

Guest Blogger: Try This Trend: Ombré Nails

While I am gone on my trip I'll have several guest bloggers writing for Bedazzles After Dark. I love reading their blogs and I wanted to introduce them to my readers! Next up is Nicole. Nicole blogs on her personal page & on The GLOSSary with Katy (you met her earlier!) - A full blown site dedicated to the obsession of nail polish. She also loves fashion and margaritas (what gal doesn't?!) I know that I can always look to her for a new color polish to try. This time she's got a very interesting take on a new kind of nail trend.....

Blue Ombre Nail Polish

The Ombré trend has been around for some time now. First, it was with flowing dresses and then the ever popular ombré hair. From blondes like Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port to brunettes like Rachel Bilson, the ombré hair trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere. But it doesn't just stop with hair. Now, we're experimenting with the ombre nails.

There are two different ways to try out this lacquer trend. The first is to grab five nail polishes in the same color family such as pink or blue. Arrange the colors from light to dark and make sure the shades don't contrast too much. For example, start with a dusty rose all the way to a bright fuchsia.

Purple Ombre Nails via I Am Style-ish

One of my favorite bloggers, I Am Style-ish tried out the trend in purple hues and put her own spin on it. PS, how fab is her YSL ring?

The second, more literal take on the ombre trend takes a little bit more work.

Ombre Nail Color done on each nail

Apply your choice of base color like a saturated blue. Then find a dark color to use for the tips. To get the perfect ombre fade, pour the dark polish onto a hard surface and pat on the dark polish with a cosmetic sponge. Finish off with a topcoat to blend the colors together. You're left with a perfectly ombre'd nail even Gaga would envy.

Let us know if you try [and love!] this chic nail trend. May I suggest glittery hues for you bedazzled lovers?

Keep on glossing!

You can read more about Nicole's nail choices here and tweet at her here [@heynicoleleigh].

1st image via The Beauty Department; 2nd image via I Am Style-ish; 3rd image via Refinery 29

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