Thursday, March 24, 2011

Giuliana Rancic's BlueFly Closet Confession

Yay! Another part in my favorite series: The BlueFly Closet Confessions Video. One of my all time fav celebrities was featured: Giuliana Rancic. I just love her! In college my girlfriends and I used to come home after classes or work and eat dinner together while watching E! News. It was such a bonding time for us and we loved seeing what G was going to say or wear next. Now - I love watching her reality show Giuliana & Bill because they're such a funny couple and super relatable. I think it's the one show that Bill will sometimes watch with me and not compain about... :) The video was shot at her E! dressing room which I can only imagine must be like a playground for us fashion obsessed adults. She is always wearing some gorgeous dress or shoes when filming segments so I was really excited to see her video premiere today.

Of course there's tons of labels and designers featured - but in this video Jose (E!'s stylist) and Giuliana spend more time providing comic relief about outfits. Especially the part about Ryan Seacrest and her having to wear the flats - it cracked me up! Take a look at the video and let me know what you think: It's a bit different than the other few Closet Confessions - but still great! Hey Loveys - It's almost Friday! xoxo

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