Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pom Yourself! Rachel Bilson in Lanvin Pom Sandals

I've been obsessing over these Lanvin Flower Pom sandals ever since I spotted them on Rachel Bilson last week. She's wearing one of my favorite spring trends - the colored shoe. I became even more obsessed when one of my lucky co-workers walked in yesterday sporting the black ones! Jealous! Check out the close up of these happy shoes:

I love the playfulness of the flower and the color! So Fabulous. They definitely brighten up any outfit and Rachel definitely provides a burst of refreshment wearing them instead of sky high stilettos for a night out on the town. So after seeing them up close and in person I had to figure out a way to get them. The original price tag of $585 is a little too steep for my budget right now and I was able to find them for a bit cheaper but not in my size. So after careful researching - I found another budget fashionista who MADE her own Lanvin Flower Pom Sandals. Yes that's right gals - Made them! Check out her final product below

Not too bad! Find out exactly how she did it here. (And check out her amazing DIY Louboutin petal sandals - She might be my new favorite DIY fashion blogger!) Of course every girl would love to own the real thing - but making your own for way less is pretty fantastic! And you could pick any color your heart desires. I just might be tempted to invite some girlfriends over, drink some wine and create some Flower Pom sandals of our own! Happy Tuesday!!

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