Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrate Being a Green Fashionista on Earth Day

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day! Although we should try to be Eco-Friendly all throughout the year - It's nice to have one day where we can celebrate and recognize that we have to take care of the planet we have! :) But being a fashionista and green is definitely possible - especially in 2010. There are many options to keeping your wardrobe and beauty products a friend to Mama Earth. I told you a few weeks ago about the H&M Garden Collection that debuted with all sustainable materials. My mom and I went to the mall last week and there were still plenty of items available (Hint - especially at the H&M in Raleigh!!) Give Earth and yourself a little gift and head down there today to purchase something green. People Tree is another brand that is trying to be totally eco-chic. Though it's mainly offered in the UK you can still check out their products here. Many beauty products of today strive to use natural ingredients keeping our bodies and landfills free from processed and toxic materials. Burt's Bees is probably a part of every woman's lip regime (I know I love it!) but did you know they now make toothpaste? Yeah! Check out that and other eco beauty products here. Also other everyday tasks you can do: refrain from using the dryer (A favorite of mine!), wash clothes in cold water, open windows instead of running A/C, take re-useable bags to the grocery and try to buy a few clothing items that are using non-synthetic materials. One of my favorite ways to take care of our planet? Buy Vintage! If you can't make it out to the amazing stores in your area (trust me there are hidden gems everywhere) check out EBay.

On a side note - The brand I intern for, C.Z. Falconer, will be participating in the Sassy City Chick's Fashion Bash happening tonight! Come out to the Petersen Auto Museum off Wilshire Blvd to get major labels (including us!) at major discouts. Find out information and buy advanced tickets here.

And the Project Runway Finale is tonight... Will you be watching? I have my DVR ready for when I get home! Can't wait to see who's going to win! (maybe it will be my early prediction??) xoxo

image via Wonder Clip Arts

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