Saturday, March 6, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

After a crazy couple of weeks I feel like life may be back on track! After the madness of the Olympics was over, I worked an amazing Sample Sale for James Perse in Newport Beach, CA. While standing for 10 hour days is never easy, being surrounded by amazing clothes and clients desperate for laid back California chic style made the whole experience fantastic. :) So after 5 days of that my hubby and I woke up on Wednesday and he said "Hey want to go to Vegas?" I mean how do you say no to that?

So we packed a small suitcase (I brought my Leopard coat - nothing screams Vegas like leopard) and drove straight to Sin City. The weather was perfect and we got our hotel for 28 bucks a night! On the strip! Craziness!!! We really love Vegas even though we don't completley crazy while we are there. We more enjoy the people watching, walking around the amazing casinos and standing around while we watch other people gamble thousands and thousands of dollars. (Seriously - how do they do that? I swear I sweat just watching them...) My husband knows me all too well and always plans for dinner at the Eiffel Tower and a show. If you haven't been to the Eiffel Tower restaurant at Paris - O.M.G. are you missing out. It's literally probably one of my favorite restaurants ever. The food is absolutely delicious and 100% French. While I usually sip champagne the bartender convinced me to try their signature cocktail - The Eiffel Affair - and it was pretty sinful :)

Although the chef took their famous escargot off the menu to perfect it even more (I seriously thought I was going to cry) that meant we got to go the extra mile on the dessert. White chocolate and bananas. I was dying. Then it was off to the Lion King! We actually got 2nd row tickets for 1/2 price! It was the most amazing show and I actually got a little fashion inspired from it... I'll have to tell you about that soon. :)

All in all it was the perfect little getaway. Just what Billy and I needed. :) What are your plans for the weekend? Do you love Vegas? What's the best trip you ever took on a whim?

vegas image via The Travel Peach

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