Monday, November 30, 2009

O.M.G. - Zac Posen for Target!!

Okay... I am seriously hyperventilating as I am typing this but I just heard a fantastic piece of news that I had to share IMMEDIATELY. Zac Posen will be offering affordable fashion as a GO! International designer for Target. (it's ok - breathe in... breathe out!)

Loving this last look! Plus He's such a Cutie!
I am already so pumped about the Rodarte line coming in a few weeks (I will be waiting outside Target the morning it launches - yes seriously!) But this has just sent me over the edge! Zac Posen is a color genius and makes the most amazing dresses eeevvveerrr! (The above photos are his Spring 2010 line from NYFW.) Only a few weeks ago I saw on Glamour that he was planning on designing Z Spoke, a "lower priced line" that will be launching at Saks Fifth Avenue this spring. Considering that his Zac Posen collection begins retailing at $900 and can go up to $20,000 for custom pieces, Z Spoke's prices, starting at $78, seemed much more do-able. But with this news of the GO! line coming out in April 2010 that could mean pieces can range anywhere from $14.99 up to around $129.99. Ummm... can you say AH-mazing?!?!
If you don't know about GO! International prepare to be amazed. About 4 times a year Target launches a what I like to call an "Affordable Trendy Fashion" line for 6 weeks and sometimes a well known designer lends their hand and creative minds to GO. These pieces are still products of these fashion geniuses, but they fit an everyday budget. I think I have bought one piece from every line since it launched in 2006 and I still wear every single piece today. A few past designers have been Paul & Joe, Patrick Robinson, Erin Fetherston and my favorite: Proenza Schouler.
However, let it be said that affordable lines popping up at H&M, Target and even Wal-Mart are fantastic for offering trendy pieces, which may be out of style in a few years. It just allows budget fashionistas the ability to get the trends versus someone who actually can afford the more expensive pieces. There's a lot of talk throughout the fashion community that when luxury designers create less expensive lines it can hurt their reputation. I think it may do simply the opposite. These less expensive lines aren't made with the same materials and aren't going to be of the same quality if you purchased a dress for $2,000. We (as consumers) know this and it just gives us a little taste of fashion. I don't think that these so called "Bargain Lines" discredit their Designer Status. I still can't wait for the days that I can purchase Jimmy Choo shoes and Zac Posen dresses and not think twice about it. But until that day comes, I'll settle for H&M and Target. What are your thoughts loves? Let me know! xoxo

Oh and I had to include a close up of these shoes worn in the first picture... In the words of Rachel Zoe they are OOC!
photos courtesy of, RawShoes,

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