Wednesday, July 30, 2014

5 Tips and Secrets to Feel Your Best

We've all been there.. going through that slump, having down days (or weeks) or you just can't seem to pull yourself out of that funk. At least I know I have! Life is full of ebbs and flows. So I thought why not share with you some favorite things I do to help me feel my best, boost my confidence and be the best "Me" that I can be!

Workout / Exercise:
Okay now before you roll your eyes hear me out. It's a scientific fact that exercise betters your life. Have you ever noticed just how good you sleep when you're working out or how much easier it is to get through the day (hello energy!) There's something to be said for that. So why not get off the couch and move around! Find what inspires you to stay fit whether it's a dance class, yoga group, cross fit or just a brisk walk around the park outside! The point here is to be healthy, but also to [somewhat] enjoy what you're doing. Liking the activity will make it so much easier to stick with it.

My secret to getting through my workouts? Neon Workout Wear!

Exercise Your Brain i.e. Read!
Guess what: working out your brain is just as important as exercising your body. Reading keeps your mind sharp, vocabulary count up and can be a fabulous mind escape. Think about what interests you and then look for some great books on that topic. I've dubbed myself an omni-reader meaning I read anything from biographies to girly books to health books (like this Cameron Diaz one) to magazines and newspapers. My husband, who wasn't always a for-fun reader, often reaches for business-minded books. There is no one right answer to "What Should I Read?" Just go exploring and discover what you enjoy!

My secret to reading on a budget? Visit the library... hello it's FREE!

Okay so I know I talk a lot about healthy habits which include eating. I pride myself on being very aware of what I put into my body. However everybody needs a little moderation here and there. There's no way I'm turning down a beignet in New Orleans or depriving myself of 1 beer while at my favorite band's concert (Dave Matthews). One thing Billy and I can't say no to? Burgers! Though I usually prefer turkey, we try to eat burgers & fries at least once a month. Why? Because if we didn't we'd go insane!! The key here is moderation and learning not to over indulge. 

My secret to indulgence? Take your splurge during the week so you don't always feel the need to go buck wild every weekend and spoil your hard work during the week!

Look Up, Down, All Around!
Okay so as cheesy as that may have sounded.. it's so true! Sometimes we forget the gorgeousness that is Mother Nature! Sure a few of these photos were taken on vacations/getaways (Turks & Caicos!) But some were taken off our balcony, at a friends house, even outside a restaurant while we were waiting for dinner! Sometimes we get so bogged down in our schedules we forget to just take a moment and breathe the earth in

My secret to capturing amazing moments? Try to catch the sun rising or setting - the sky can sometimes surprise you by just how beautiful it is!

Volunteer / Give Back to the Community:
I must admit this is one that I don't do as often as I should. But once every couple of months I volunteer with Urban Ministries of Wake County. They often have events or opportunities to me give several hours or days of my time. It's true what they say about giving back - it really does make a difference with you. You recognize how you can really help someone and make an impact in their lives. And by volunteering your own time, you really learn to appreciate all you have in your life 

My secret to keeping up with volunteering? Go through your calendar for the year and ever 2 months write: Find an Organization to Volunteer at. That way when you come around to that month you'll already have your reminder set up!

So there are my 5 tips that help keep me in my best frame of mind. What do you do that makes you feel your best??

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  1. Great tips! I work out every morning and it helps me to get in the right mood for the day and it makes me feel great :)


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