Tuesday, June 10, 2014

House of Landor Vintage Finds

One of my favorite parts of moving back to Raleigh was befriending Mary Beth over at House of Landor. MB & I instantly connected over our love and appreciation for fabulous food, delicious drinks & vintage clothing. She's got the most amazing eye and finds the most gorgeous pieces you've ever seen. I sported this blazer from her collection and I bought the most amazing Lanvin dress from her a few months ago.

This past Saturday I got to play in her new arrivals (like grown up dress up!) I was so excited about her new pieces that I asked her to send me the photos she took so I could share them with you! Here's a few of the ah-mazing dresses she's currently got for sale (either in person at Finds or on her Etsy page!)

At first glance this looks like a dress - but surprise! It's a gorgeous PANTSUIT. And one of the comfiest things I've EVER worn.

This dress made me feel like a celebrity... Hands down one of the most beautiful pieces I've EVER seen.

My favorite part about vintage is that there's always a story to tell. This dress is so impeccably well made it's insane. The beadwork alone is worth it!

Words can't even describe how obsessed with this piece I am. Embroidery on the top, bottom, sleeves and back means there's no area left undone. SO gorg!

Sometimes a gal just needs an ostrich feather cuffed dress. How amazing would this look as a mini/mod-inspired dress?!

This mint brocade number is everything!!! The prettiest color you ever did see!

Whatever you do, don't buy this dress. I want it all for myself! How STUNNING is the skirt?! My favorite part is the top - such a beautifully cut V-neck that shows curves in all the right (instead of wrong) places

A fab hemline, bedazzled appliques and perfect pockets. What more does a gal need?

Goddess in Gold is what I like to call this number. SO pretty!

If you love any of these dresses - they're for sale! Just contact Mary Beth and you too can fall in love with her vintage finds!


  1. They are defiantly interesting dress'. I wonder why you aren't smiling though.
    xo, Lee

  2. I love these dresses! OMG! I love vintage everything and they all look great!

  3. That gold dress is amazing! You look beautiful in all of the dresses!
    Megan Star | Beauty Brawler


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