Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Zara Studded Sandal Look-Alike

Zara Look-Alike Studded Sandal - Black & White Printed Cutout Sandals
If you're like me and missed out on those fabulous Zara studded sandal-bootie hybrid that hit the blogsphere last spring, stop your tears shoe lovers!!! I just came across a fabulous pair of shooties that look almost exactly like the Zara ones! And.. you won't believe the price!
This option is only... wait for it.... $40!!! Yes, for real! So forget your buyers regret and get on it! Happy Shoe Shopping lovelies!!


  1. Woohoo! Loving those heels and that price!!! Thanks for sharing!
    Megan Star | Beauty Brawler

  2. OMG...those are freakin' fabulous!

  3. THOSE SANDALS ARE AMAZING! They look almost exactly the same!

  4. Oh wow! I seriously love those sandals so much that I just went and bought them! I thank you, but because of a splurge of Memorial Day sales my wallet has been getting a workout. Today was no exception! Thanks for the tip! And by the way you have a new follower! Have an awesome day!



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