Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Bayside Halloween!

This year, our Halloween plans were more low key than in the past, but I didn't want that to stop our traditional couple costumes! I'm normally the one who picks out several ideas and then we discuss which ones we're actually going to dress up as. The minute I suggested Zack Morris & Kelly Kapowski, he was on board.

When we were originally planning, I had wanted to be Kelly (Well, let's be honest.. I mean who didn't want to be Kelly?) But as we were getting ready last night, I had forgotten how damn blonde my hair was! And as several people pointed out to me, with my big curly hair, I was looking more like Jessie Spano. And thus my Kelly Kapowski costume turned into a Jessie Spano costume. :) Either way I didn't really care because I just love dressing up and being someone else for a moment or two.

Here's a few of my Halloween costume tips that have helped our last few choices be such a success:

1. Use items from your or your friend's closet! Most of the stuff we're wearing are pieces from our closets! You just kind of have to think outside the box - i.e. rolling the khakis for a total 90's look. Not sure you have something? Ask your friends! Ours have helped make both of Billy's Justin Bieber & Sonny Bono costumes rock!

2. Always check Goodwill before heading to the costume store. There are some things that you will have to get from an actual costume store (like wigs - yikes definitely don't want those used...) But Goodwill can be a GREAT source to find costume options that won't break your budget. They will often have a costume section set up, but make sure you peruse the regular racks too!

2. Don't spend tons of money on accessories - try to DIY! See that phone up there? Homemade! After spending way too much time at every thrift store in LA I came up empty on the Zack Morris phone - something I thought would be pretty easy to find. Did you know they're going on Ebay for about.... 150 dollars or more?! Yikes.. thank goodness for DIY's! I grabbed a box, wrapped it in construction paper, drew some buttons, poked a pen through the top for an antenna and voilĂ ! The Zack Morris phone was created! :)

Did you guys dress up last night or over the weekend? What were you? Do you enjoy Halloween costumes..? I personally just love to have fun with it.. especially if you have a partner in crime to enjoy it with. :)


  1. I totally got Kelly when I saw you; the skirt is what makes it!

    Great Job!


    1. You seriously just made my day! :) haha everyone thought I was Jessie! Thanks :) xo

  2. Ha! I love the costume idea and y'all pulled it off so well!

  3. Such a cute idea, I love it!

    I am new to the blogging world, please check out my page :)

  4. Nice idea. I have read your article.Don't spend tons of money on accessories, really correct. good job. carry on.

  5. Nice idea. I have read your article.Don't spend tons of money on accessories, really correct. good job. carry on.

  6. LOL this is too cute. I love the costumes you guys created. I personally am not into the Halloween thing anymore but I do enjoy seeing the costumes and hearing all about it. I just passed out candy to some small trick or treaters it was great seeing their costumes :)

  7. this costume is such a great blast from the past!


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