Thursday, October 4, 2012

Visiting GiGi New York [photos]

During my NYC extravaganza, I got an invite from GiGi New York (you know, that handbag company I'm obsessed with) to come visit their offices located outside of the city. I was super excited to meet face to face with the GiGi team and get a sneak peek on how everything is made.

Well let me just tell you - this trip was so much more than what expected! I got a personalized, 1-on-1 tour with Tom Glazer, the CEO and 2nd generation owner of Graphic Image and GiGi. I was literally blown away by the company's history (started by his father), how family oriented it is (Tom and his sister Carol work together) and that almost everything the company makes is done in house (the factory and office are in the same building). There's even a little store that GiGi customers can shop at (but make sure you call and make an appointment first!)

It was so refreshing and amazing to see a president/owner so passionate about his work and what his company is creating. Tom was probably just about the nicest guy I've ever met. I mean, how many CEO's do you know that will take a little ol' blogger on a tour of their factory? Let's just say - Graphic Image is the type of company I hope to work for someday.

After you've taken a look at my photos, head over to GiGi's blog where you can see me in action with more of the GiGi team. P.S. Can we talk about how amazing the name GiGi is - It's Graphic Image II... get it.. GI.GI. Amazing right?

Luggage tags galore at the store. I'll have 1 of each please!

As a writer, I appreciate a great dictionary. Especially when it's re-bound in bright colors. How awesome of a gift would this be? (or maybe I'm just a nerd....)

Amanda, GiGi's head designer, gave me a sneak peak at their Spring 2012 Collection. I NEED those bags up top - so perfect for traveling/everyday.

GiGi Color Swatches

The All-One-Bag in one of Fall's hottest colors - Eggplant

Soon-to-be iPhone sleeves

Ummmmm..  I was in neon heaven when I saw this display...
Tom was so sweet and wanted to give me a little present. He even did my personalization! We picked out my letters...

and he created the stamp of my initials...

Getting it pressed onto my awesome bag!
Me with Tom
A HUGE Thanks again to everyone at GiGi/Graphic Image. I had so much fun and I hope I'll be able to visit again very soon! xoxo


  1. Such a fantastic post!! I am the West Coast rep for Gigi, and I was in the factory visiting the day that you were there. I couldn't be more proud to work for the company, and it makes me so excited to see such a wonderful review!! xoxo.

    1. Thanks Lacey! Tom said that you were there but we didn't get to meet - I'm emailing you now! :) xo

  2. amazing photo's! So fun to see the process. Have in fun in NYC! Xo Catherine

  3. Eek! This looks so fun. Those clutches are too cute, can't wait to see you rocking it.

    p.s. - keep me posted on the next time you all are coming to KY!


  4. that is such an amazing opportunity to have been able to tour the factory! i just discovered your blog and i absolutely love your style! thanks so much for sharing. xo.

  5. What a great experience!! I may need to look into these bags, I mean, my doggy is named Gigi after all!

  6. Fantastic pics! I looove the post!

  7. Lucky girl!! Love all those purses, such pretty colors! And that's awesome you got your very own customized bag!


  8. love all the colors!

  9. I love your blog! I followed! I would love it if you could check out my blog and follow me? Thanks so much! .

  10. Such a great tour! Thanks for sharing, love to see what's coming out in future seasons. Getting ahead of the trends.


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