Thursday, September 27, 2012

BAD in NYC: Lucky FABB 2012 [photos]

One of the most fabulous parts of New York was attending both IFBCON & Lucky FABB. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera for IFB so I made sure that I brought it with me to FABB. Before both conferences I swear it almost felt like the first day of school! I thought "who am I going to sit with, eat lunch with, what should I wear, how will I get there?" But the second I stood in line and talked to the girls around me, those fears and questions went out the window. I'm going to share a few pictures as well as tidbits of wisdom that I picked up from our fabulous speakers

The theme for FABB was "Making It On Your Own Terms" We heard a ton of awesome business advice that I think could apply to anyone whether you're a blogger or not. So here we go... :) (p.s. all images are mine unless otherwise stated)

My partners in crime during NYC, Emily from The Stylist LA & Ashley from Pursuit of Shoes. {image via Pursuit of Shoes Facebook}
Lucky Editor in Chief Brandon Holley with the CEO of Macy's Terry Lundgren.
Terry had some great points about how to maintain and build a healthy, viable brand. Lucky for you, I wrote them down :)
1. Know your customer
2. What is it about your brand that makes you different or unique. Step up elements to differentiate yourself.
3. Maintain consistent quality and don't get sucked into something if it's not you.
Executive Digital Editor Lauren Sherman, Executive Editor of Fashionista Leah Chernikoff, NY Editor of Refinery 29 Annie Georgia Greenberg & Founder of Man Repeller Leandra Medine
Leandra came tearing in late due to traffic and I'm so glad she made it because she had some really great suggestions. The panel discussed how important engaging with your readers is and to always be transparent with your audience. They also said to approach new things the way you might approach something you know - just think about it for a second...
Also check out her amazing outfit... that's a very sophisticated crop top!
Brandon Holley and fashion extraordinaire Rachel Zoe
This was probably the highlight of the trip for me. It only could have been made better if I could have met her in person. When Rachel Zoe walked out onto the stage I literally felt my heart stop. Her conversation with Brandon was so authentic, down to earth and genuine. Plus I was drooling over her gold tassel necklace. But it was her advice that I was most excited about:
Confidence is important.
You need enthusiasm and drive to succeed because nothing is just going to fall into your life.
You need to work really hard and love what you do.
And the most important thing she said... "Always be a nice person"
She also went through a few pieces from her fall Rachel Zoe collection. This was my favorite look (notice the necklace)
CEO of CFDA Steven Kolb, Head of the Fashion divison at CAA Mitch Grossbach, CEO of YOOX Federico Marchetti, Partner at High Line Venture Partners Shana Fisher
Chairman at Gilt Groupe Susan Lyne, Co-Founder of FEED Lauren Bush Lauren, VP of Global Comm at Donna Karan Aliza Licht, Founder of P.S. I Made This Erica Domesek
2 of the most informative panels took place back-to-back. These discussions were much more business centered with fabulous notes on how to truly start, build and maintain a business. One thing that really resonated with me is when Erica said "Talk Once, Listen Twice"
Exec and Fashion news director Jean Godfrey-June and Lauren Conrad
After a lunch break, next up was everyone's favorite reality star turned designer turned author turned brand Lauren Conrad. My favorite thing she said? "Do what you love. Because there will be days when you don't love it. It has to be something you really care about or else it's hard to push through"
Simon Doonan from Barneys New York and fashion designer Anna Sui
Lastly, and by far the funniest panel of the day, was Simon and Anna's awesome back and forth banter. Anna, who hailed from Detriot, said that's what gave her a dream and a desire to do something more. She also said she loved vintage and antique pieces because it gave a window into seeing what someone left behind and that there was a story behind it.
After we sat through the panels it was time to mingle and I'm so glad because I finally got some face to face time with bloggers that I love! Here's a few snapshots
Finally got to meet Danielle from Lou What Wear in person! {Image via Lou What Wear}

Cocktails with Em, Ash & Julie from I Heart Heels. {image via Pursuit of Shoes Facebook}

Finally meeting southern lovely and Charlotte resident Elspeth from Elle Bow Room {Image from Elle's Instagram}

Ash and I had a quick wardrobe change for a dinner we were attending. But we still chatted with Elle, Laura from Laura Lily, and Kristen from Living In Color Print {image via Pursuit of Shoes Facebook}
Whew.. I'm exhausted again just seeing the pics. There are more floating around somewhere.. so I think I'll make a facebook album and you guys can view the rest! Stay tuned for my GiGi NY tour too!


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