Friday, August 24, 2012

Help!: Advice for IFBCON, LuckyFABB, NYFW & FNO!

Calling all Fashion Bloggers!!! Today, I'm reaching out to all you experienced ladies out there - I need your help! As I mentioned before, I'm headed to New York the week after next. I'll be attending 2 blogging conferences {IFBCON & LuckyFABB}, Fashion's Night Out & Fashion Week! I'm so excited I could practically burst.

But I've got a million questions floating around in my head. Yes, of course the ever present "What do I Wear?" question... but so much more than that! I'm hoping some of you NYFW/LuckyFABB/IFBCON/ veterans out there can help a sister out! It won't be my first time in NYC so none of those touristy questions.. Here's just a few of the things that have been on my mind lately... {inhale deep breathe...}

  • What's the best way to carry my big DSLR camera? That thing is so big! I don't have a camera bag... Also - do you take it to the conferences? How about the runway shows?

  • What has been the best way, you've found, to attend the runway shows? Does standing outside and waiting work? Making contacts while you're there?

  • How did you determine what breakout sessions to do at the conferences? What breakout sessions have been your favorite? Or not so favorite? I want to maximize my time while attending both.

  • IFBCON & LuckyFABB overlap by a day? Do you have any advice on how to navigate that?

  • I've got business cards - who should I make sure I hand these to? Who should I not hand these out to?

  • I see that lots of bloggers do outfit posts during these times. Do you use your tripod or have friends and fellow bloggers snap the shots?

  • For FNO - did you try to go to as many events as possible or stick to one area of town? Did you have a better time shopping or trying to meet with major fashion players?

  • Is there something you've done or tried before that you wouldn't do again?

  • And lastly... Okay fine... What should I wear?!?

I'm hoping I can get just a few questions out there answered... Let me know in the comments section below if you please! I so appreciate any advice you can share so I can pass it along to other newbies too :) Happy Friday everyone!!!


  1. This will be my first to the IFBCON. I don't know what to expect; but I am assuming like any business conference, the goal is to network and my friends for further endeavors. My advice on what to wear is that you wear something that you are comfortable in and it also represents your brand and blog. I am curious to read the responses.

    Hope to see you at IFBCON :)


  2. I'll totally take your outfit pics, if you take mine :-) haha. SO excited for this. Don't worry...I feel like there will be some serious gchatting about outfits and plans beginning next week.

    TheStylist LA

  3. Stella and Nikki,

    We could all venture out to various fashion events and take each others photos!
    Nikki, thank you for posting this as I am very curious what people will recommend.

  4. I agree Laura. Nikki we should meet up and we can take each others pictures too :) I have Laura's info. Here is my email:

  5. For the dslr question, I usually take it to the runaway shows, but my point and shoot works good to. The fast pace and where you are seated can sometimes cause problems so I normally take both.

    For FNO, I normally go for the fun of it. We stay in soho/village area and just go to the stores with the best drinks lol. Most stores have photo booths, photo flip books, and other fun events. I would just look at the stores on the FNO site and see what your most interested in. That whole week is pretty crazy so I look to FNO for fun.

    Hope you have an awesome time! And good luck.

  6. what a great way to reach out and connect with fellow bloggers...good luck!!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    have a great week!!

  7. Im not sure I'm going to bring my DSLR for Lucky But I know I will for the shows
    Xo Megan

  8. Thanks Pins and Needles for sharing the FNO info! Definitely going to check out the FNO site.

  9. Thanks everyone for all the great advice!! Keep it coming!! :)

  10. Hey Nikki! I came across your blog via instagram! And thought I would share some tips.

    I would skip the DSLR for FNO and the conferences. You will definitely want to instagram your way through FNO and the conferences.

    For blogging your outfits, if you will be hanging out with fellow bloggers, you all can take each other's outfits! There's nothing quite like having a fellow blogger take your outfit pic, because they know exactly how the end product should look.

    I can give you the most advice for FNO having attended the last three years. I actually did a post on it last year ( I truly prefer just picking one area and sticking there. Travel and crowds can take up valuable time! I also have never shopped on FNO as i prefer to hang out with all the fashion peeps.

    Have fun! And wear comfortable shoes for FNO!!


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